Rufisque, Senegal 2006

We went to the Socosim cement factory to offer a sacrifice for the continued safe operation of the factory.  Socosim is probably the largest employer inthis area of Senegal.

In this photo is one of the large trucks that delivered raw cement dust to the different areas of the factory.  You can see in the background that our party is walking through piles of the dust.  There were places where the dust was three feet high.  The dust was so ubiquitous that I didn’t take that many photos in this area. I was scared that the dust would get into the camera and cause problems.  To this day, I hear a grinding noise when I focus my 45mm lens.

As hot as the weather might seem in the picture , the temperature over the whole two week trip didn’t exceed 80 degrees F.  Most nights were cool enough for my skin to goosepimple.

Rufisque Senegal

Posted by SPN on 06/10 at 01:56 PM
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