Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chandra Leigh Brown, brain injury survivor, is interviewed by Fran Briggs

Chandra, a contributor to this website was recently interviewed by Club Drug about her struggle with her physical limitations imposed on her by a drunk driver and the drug-pushers that masquerade as physicians.

Visit for the full uplifting interview.

Chandra Leigh Brown is a woman who lives a life of dedication and perseverance as she fights for the rights of the disabled, and differently-abled. Following a horrendous car accident where she was ejected through her car’s window, Brown suffered multiple fractures and a severe brain injury. Left on life support, she was not expected to live. But it was while she was still unconscious that Brown says that she was determined to “go back” because she still had things to do. Chandra eventually completed three years of physical and cognitive therapy (which included relearning the alphabet and how to tie her shoes). While it’s true that she has not fully recovered from the extent of her injuries,

She speaks with a clear, calm, and upbeat voice, and enjoys working out three days a week. Her personal nature includes a heightened sense of humor, and an infectious smile and laugh.

Passionate and determinedly inspirational, Chandra Brown is devoted to serving disadvantage youth and women. She is also an advocate for social change having adopted a resolve to help disabled individuals worldwide with their plight for living in a more equitable society.

I sat down with the Chandra Leigh Brown and interviewed her as part of the OnTheMove Interview series. We talked about her accident, her road to recovery, how she became the International Chairperson for Disabled Individuals for the Oprah Winfrey for Nobel Peace Prize Fan club, and

Fran Briggs: Good morning, Chandra. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

Chandra Brown: You are welcome. And, thank you for inviting me.

FB: May 3, 2002. Would you briefly describe the events of that day just prior to your accident?

CB: I woke up with the idea of going to visit my mother. I was living in Jonesboro, Georgia and my mother lived in Mableton, Georgia; it’s about a 40 minute drive. I went to the gas station to fill up my car and proceeded out of the parking lot after I filled the tank. And, that’s all I remember.

FB: Has your spirit changed since the day of the

CB: My spirit has changed a great deal. I’ve always believed in God, but I am happier. I smile more and I am more humble. I feel good about life and about living and carrying out God’s divine plan. I have been awaken by God’s love and power! Today, I feel God’s Hand on me — holding me and supporting me on my journey.

FB: Many people simply give up after experiencing a traumatic, life-altering event such as you did. Was there ever a time when you felt like giving up after the accident?

CB: Give up? No. I would always have to give my best — whatever the situation may be. I’ve been an athlete
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most of my life. I played basketball, played a little tennis, and I ran to stay in shape. Since my accident, I have taken what I learned from sports, and applied it to my life living with a brain injury. That is the conditioning and discipline part. Fall down 7 times; get back up 8 times. No pain, no gain. I could never give up. I thrive on challenges. Giving up has never been an option of mine. I do get tired, frustrated, and angry with myself. My life is so much different from what it used to be — it does get frustrating. There are times when I have to take long breaks to regroup with myself. After that,

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