Friday, June 16, 2006

Aminta Ndiaye, Rufisque, Senegal 2006

My host’s daughter turned three during my first weekend in their home.  This picture was taken a few days afterwards.  For some reason each day as soon as I took my camera out to clean it the family just appeared ready to be photographed.  Here she is showing her beautiful smile.  Her brother, Massuer, liked to be in pictures with his sister.  You can see his fist and arm entering from the left side of the frame.

During my first trip to Senegal in 1995, I was given the name Ousman Ndoye in memory of Ma’am Fatou Seck’s grandfather.  She named me herself.  On this trip I was reminded that I am fed and housed by the people named Ndiaye.  My name was subsequently changed to Ousman Ndiaye.  Sometimes I was called Ousman Ndoye Ndiaye.

Rufisque Senegal

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