Friday, August 15, 2008


I’ve been dealing with a lot recently and my outlet for stress is poetry. I sometimes keep things bottled inside but on some occasions it helps me to put pen to paper to put things in perspective.


Here I sit reflecting
Reflecting in my cube of solitude
Looking at my world and life around me
Things that affect me

Reflecting on my feelings, my hopes and my dreams
Reflecting on my past and my present
Trying to find out what it all means

Contemplating life without you
Contemplating life with you
Are they both interchangeable
Can I have my cake and eat it too?

Reflection is bringing about my perspective
Is it too late to start anew?
Do I look upon the boldly rising sun or squint into it not quite sure if I’m worthy
Worthy to work my way back to the being I once was
The being who was able to move mountains, cross valleys, and overcome any adversity

Or do I just continue to sit here in my cube of solitude and continue to just be.

I think my reflecting has come to an end and I know what the end shall be.
To reflect no more and to stand strong and firm and end this cube of solitude and embrace the path I’ve chosen to deflect all past wrongs before and smile boldly
Walk right through the door because my reflection is all done.

Copyrighted Alondra DeGroat-Reid August 15, 2008

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Girlfriends and Relationships

Girlfriends and Relationships

When you are in them, sometimes seems like you are stuck

You think I’m doing the right thing but then you look around and wonder
Wasn’t I in a better place before you came along? 

I was told relationships and friendships are a lot of work
You only get out of it what you put into it
And anything worth having is worth working for, heard that one just yesterday on the radio
All those old cliché’s

But who’s listening to them anyway

If relationships are about partnerships can you tell the partner because they just don’t get it.

Seems like you do all the work and give, and conform and try to change who you are to make them happy. I mean what should be 50/50 has now turned into 80/20 or even 95/5.

But still late at night I’m listening as one of my girlfriends calls with the latest drama about one of their relationships and how their partner did them wrong.  How I try to be a sympathetic ear but after the 4th time this has happened in 3 years it becomes hard.

You try to give sound advice and tell them maybe its not always that person maybe there is something in you.  But then that friend turns on you. But if you really think about it, you are the one calling disturbing me when I have to get up the next morning to rant about all the back bending you are doing in your relationship and how your partner is never there for you, and it’s the same conversation year after year.

But what do you really get in return for all your back bending?

An ulcer!  And you are giving me one too just listening to you!

Why? Because of the stress of not being able to be who you really are putting all that work into something that in the end you shouldn’t have been working for anyway because guess what….

They weren’t the one.

Funny how you get with all the bad ones and the sad ones before you find the right one then have to be hit over the head with a brick to be able to tell they are the one, because you don’t recognize the good ones when they are staring you in the face.

Why can’t that one person willing to make the relationship work be wearing a sign that says

“Here I am!”

Would make life and relationships easier don’t you think?  At least for me then I could go back to sleep!

© March 2, 2007 Alondra Reid

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I was feeling my muse as I do sometimes and well you will understand.


What is beauty?
Is it skin deep? Is it the color of skin, the texture of hair, the shape of hips, bulging biceps?

What is beauty?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so they say.
But who says what beauty is anyway

Beauty could be the sunrise
Birds flying across the sky

Beauty could be a baby’s smile and the light in their parent’s eye.

What is beauty?

Is there a real definition or meaning?
Who’s to say that what is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to others or others shouldn’t think it beautiful.
Who determines the worth of beauty?

Is beauty a standard by which we all must live and strive to achieve or are we content to be happy with who we are and find beauty every day around us.

What is beauty other than a standard that some shallow man or woman somewhere decided to judge the world by to see if we all can measure up.

Beauty to me is a state of mind, because beauty can be found in the smallest and simplest of places

Beauty is in a kiss, a look, the sky, the earth, people

Beauty is God and it is love. Beauty is what the world is made of
If everyone conformed to a standard what type of world would this be?

One without beauty.

© March 2, 2007 Alondra Reid

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

new poetry


The pine breeze
Caresses my spirit
As the sunset
Warms my spirit
And illuminates the nights sky.

The starry sky twinkles
As I dance to
The kind whisper of your song
Joy rushes through my spirit

As the sun
Reveals new adventures
The mist recedes to day
My minds eye gasps in celebration

The heavens
Woven with your paint
Proclaim your love for me
Blankets of color
Comfort my sorrows

The flowers glisten forgiveness
Tears of yesterdays regret
Forgiven today
My daily bread
Given by you.

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new poetry

Prayer of the Broken Hearted

Take my life from me,
I dont want it anymore
Give me eyes that see
The love that youve prepared

Here is my angry heart
Every broken part
I give you everything
The sorrow, joy, and pain
All Ive ever held dear

Take from me
My fears
Give me ears
To hear your laughter
Give me eyes
That I might see the way
Paved with joy
That youve prepared

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The Meeting

Holding my cup of dark secrets
I reflect as the steam rises
From around my haggard reflection

As I ponder
My lifes worth
In the balance of wreckage
Left behind in my storm

I hear my story
Fall from another mans lips
I know that I am no longer
Alone in my world of regrets

This freedom of brotherhood
Feels as a compassionate
Sunrise on a darkened heart

Only the wreckage
Shame, regret, and healing
Can form bonds
That out-fathom
All understanding

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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Person That Love Built (Through a Grandmother’s Love)

I’ve often watched some of my “friends” interact with their kids and I wonder what happened to parents that believe in discipline and raised their kids to be respectful and it got me to thinking about my own childhood. 

This is the person that love built
Granny as she was affectionately called scraped,
And saved to provide for me
Her work ethic I admired and although sometimes didnunderstand
It taught me and molded me.
This is the person that love built

Sunday morning breakfast prepared by hands with care before church
Monday through Thursday hot meals breakfast and dinner
Friday night fish fry because I liked them!
Saturday night pizza just because
Everything made from scratch, and oh how good it was
This is the person that love built

Helping with homework so I could go outside and play
Before the street lights came on or else back in the house Igo
Laying out clothing for the next day for school, and taking me to school
Being friends with ALL of my teachers so I couldnact up or be rude

Sunny afternoons running up to granny screaming asking for change
Because the ice cream truck was coming my way
Granny providing change and telling me 줯nask for nothing elseTelling me not to ask for everything I see
Because she didnwant me to be spoiled
Spanking my butt when I did wrong and
Teaching me right from work.
It always hurt me more than it did her
Teaching me that talking back to adults is disrespectful and
To stay out of grown folks conversation,
Because that punishment was a pop in the mouth!

Teaching me the facts of life
Oh how embarrassing to be told by your grandmother!
This is the person that love built

Telling me it was time to learn to cook!
Putting me in the kitchen when I became a teen
To watch her prepare the meals Ienjoyed eating so many years
Soul food prepared with love
Granny said a woman has to know how to fend for herself

Telling me that women must be smart, attractive, and
Know how to cook to keep a good man
Making sure I could bake
Because a cake or pie is always needed for the church,
Or fellowship with others

Taking my high school diploma and putting it on the wall
Because she earned it after so many years of toil with me..
This is the person that love built

Pushing me to go to college because granny wanted me to have the education she didn
Being disappointed in some of my actions
But always encouraging me to strive to do better, and learn from my mistakes.
Smiling proudly when I received my degree screaming thatmy baby!
Granny was definitely there for me, for all her grandkids
This is the person that love built

The person that love built
Taught me morals, values, ethics, self worth,
Boosted my self esteem, and gave me an education.

I am the person that my grannylove built

Alondra DeGroat ? September 16, 2005.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Drifting on a memory, ainno place Irather be than with him loving him.

Isnthat what Idoing, sitting here dreaming֍
Thatwhat Ifeeling
What Ifeeling every time I visualize and day dream
and hear his voice even though I ainmet him yet.

I long to find him my one true love
the eraser of past mistakes, the kindred spirit
the one who feels my emotions, feeds my mind
challenges my intellect, strokes my ego
makes me want to submit to his will֠and he to mine

Drifting on a memory, ainno place Irather be than with him, loving him.

I long to find the one that makes me want to birth his sons
feed them and nurture them to be just like him, but I ainmet him yet.

He is the yin to my yang
the piece of the puzzle that completes me
Ainno place Irather be than with him, loving him

He makes me want to shout from the rooftops
sing about and bask in his love for me
his love fills me and encircles me
I rise high above the clouds in a state of pure bliss because it is his love that I miss even though I ainmet him yet.

Drifting on a memory, ainno place Irather be than with him loving him.

Daydreaming again about the kind of man he will be and is.

But where is he?
I can feel him, I know his smell he is ֠just within my grasp but staying far enough away
Making me long to be near him, making me know that he is out there somewhere
Watching, waiting looking to love me

Even though I know hethere I ainmet him yet.

Alondra DeGroat Copyright ? September 15, 2005

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Break Up

I sit here all alone in my room of solitude
Counting the seconds, minutes, hours until the day is through
Where did I go wrong?
What should I do?

My heart is weak,
My tread heavy,
Every waking step is a reminder of my past regret

I listen in quiet silence to the sounds of my thoughts weighing heavily on my mind
I feel them press into me breaking me down pulling me deeper into a spiral of depression

Alas why must I feel so
Words can not express
The feelings of emptiness

The time has come to move past my feelings of gloom and trepidation
I must make myself feel elated this is my revelation
To show the world a smile even though my pride, my feelings, my emotions are torn

To pick myself up and look upon the world around me and know that all things
Whether good or bad must come to an end

This is what has happened
The feelings of loneliness and despair I must make come to an end
For this part of my life is now over it is no more than a mere memory
Something to look on in the past
Something to learn from for the future
Something to remind me 쮯 moreSomething to aid me in my travels through lifepaths.

This is the lesson learned from a break up.
Move on and learn to be strong

Alondra DeGroat Copyright ? 8/23/2005

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Never Too Late: 08.11.05

It is never too late to live with richness, purpose, joy and love. No matter
how much time you feel you have wasted or lost, it is never too late to make
the very most of the moment you’re in.

No matter how many mistakes you may think you have made, it is never too
late to start moving in a positive direction. The instant you choose to
fully live, the past no longer has the power to hold you back. Where you are
now is precisely where you need to be. With gratitude in your heart for the
journey that has brought you here, choose now to make the most of where you
Starting from this place you can go in any direction. It is never too late
to choose the very best direction you can imagine. Dig down and get in touch
with the real substance of your most treasured dreams. For what matters most
is always within your reach. Move right on past the disappointments, the
frustrations, the regrets and the negative assumptions you have accumulated.
It is never too late to fully become the real, authentic, unique and
valuable person you are.

-- Ralph Marston

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Let Your Efforts Flow: 08.10.05

Trying too hard can often be as unproductive as not trying at all. Pushing
yourself too hard sends an unspoken yet powerful message that you lack
confidence in your own efforts.

Instead of forcing your efforts, seek to
simply let them flow. Instead of being consumed with thoughts of how much or
how little progress you’re making, focus on the real substance of the
effort. When you wander a little off track, there’s no need to despair or to
work yourself up over it. Put that energy into pointing yourself back in the
right direction. Real progress will come at the pace at which you can give
yourself fully and sincerely to the effort. If you attempt to rush the
process, you may accumulate some meager tokens of success, but you will fall
short of achieving real success itself.
Life already has enough pressures. There is no need to add more by
pressuring yourself. Relax and let your efforts flow. That is how you can be
your very best.

-- Ralph Marston

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Walk Away From Worry: 08.09.05

Most of the things you worry about are not worth the time and trouble you
take to worry. And all that needless worry distracts you from other, more
productive, creative and joyful things you could be doing.

With every worry
also comes the option to let it go. You can feel the worry, see it for what
it is, and then choose to immediately walk away from it. As soon as you do,
your mind becomes vastly more clear and more focused. Your spirit
experiences a glorious refreshment.
When your mind is filled with worry, just imagine how wonderful it would be
to have that heavy burden lifted clean away. Imagine it, and then choose the
simple act of doing it. Choose to walk away from worry, and lift that burden
from yourself. In a moment, your worry can be gone.
Breathe in the sweet, refreshing air of freedom, clarity and effectiveness.
Walk away from worry, and walk forward with positive purpose.

-- Ralph Marston

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Even Though: 08.08.05

Even though you have every right to be angry, you have every reason to let
it go.

For when you let go of your anger, you make more room for joy. Even
though your first impulse may be to retaliate, you’re likely to be better
off when you reconcile and forgive. After all, when you’ve been hurt, it
makes no sense for you to prolong the hurt with your own attitude and
actions. Even though the world is often cruel and unfair, it does not have
to get you down. The more fully and willingly you accept what is, the more
power you have to improve upon it. Even though many things will come along
that could be frustrating and annoying, you can always choose to respond
with patience and with grace. By so doing, you’ll be building strength as
well as focusing your energy in a more positive and productive direction.
Even though events may not go your way, you can continue to move in the
direction of your own choosing. Success depends very little on being given
what you want, and much more on becoming the best you can be. Even though
life has its setbacks, disappointments and tragedies, they pale in
comparison to the new and positive possibilities that increase with each
passing moment. Choose to fully live the immeasurable blessing that is your
life, and every day will move you forward.

-- Ralph Marston

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Exceed Expectations: 8.05.2005

You could cut corners and still get by. But why would you ever want to settle for merely getting by?

You could do a little bit less than what’s expected of you, and it will probably be okay. But with just a little bit of extra effort, you’ll be able to deliver more than what’s expected.

And when you consistently provide more than what’s expected, you raise yourself to a whole new level of success. By doing just a little more than is necessary, you can achieve a great deal more than you otherwise would have.

Once you’ve done what must be done, that is the time to step forward and do a little bit more. For a modest amount of extra effort can produce a spectacular measure of additional gain.

Instead of being fixated on how little you can get by with, put your energy into discovering how much you can get done. Instead of slowing down when the finish line is in sight, speed up and take advantage of the opportunity to go far beyond it.

Choose to exceed expectations every chance you get. And you’ll never have to worry about merely getting by.

-- Ralph Marston

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Courage Is: 08.04.05

Courage is what happens when your desire to make positive progress is greater than your fear of a negative setback. 

Courage is what happens when
you look at those fears, listen to them, learn from them, use them to
prepare, and then move boldly forward. Courage is how problems are turned
into opportunities. Courage is why some people are able to move the
situation forward though there seems to be no hope. Courage is when you do
what you know is right, even if it is the more difficult and unpopular
choice. Courage is something that builds new strength each time it is
exercised. Courage is not something that you must obtain or struggle to
develop. Courage is a choice that can be yours the moment you decide to use
it. When the goal is worthy and filled with meaning, the courage to reach it
will be there. When your sense of purpose is strong and clear, your courage
will be too. Courage is indeed a powerful way to live. And you can choose it
every time.

-- Ralph Marston

Posted by loni on 08/04 at 06:59 AM
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