Thursday, March 31, 2005

Mourning and Prayers Mark Schiavo’s Death

Now Mr. Bush, you’ve had your recent diversion.  Can you please bring our troops back home?  OR go and capture Osama bin Laden?

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. Mar 31, 2005 Terri Schiavo’s death was met with sadness, anger, despair and prayers by supporters of her parents who had held a 13-day vigil outside her hospice.

Since March 18, when Schiavo’s feeding tube was disconnected, a cadre of fervent demonstrators had gathered outside Woodside Hospice to protest. Some stayed round the clock, sleeping in tents or sleeping bags.

Thursday morning, people burst into tears and threw down the signs they had been carrying as word spread that Terri Schiavo had died. Many seemed lost at the news that the miracle they had hoped for had not come.

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Movie Review “Ray”

Music historically has moved us socialy, spiritualy, physically, mentally, as to us, it were wind to the trees.  I expected quite a bit from this movie and was eager to watch the tribute to Ray Charles Roberts lifetime - WOW! was I ever BLOWN completeley away.  See ( an odd choice) I had known that Ray was a blind entertainer and had had a strong affect on the “sound” of music but I had no idea that he was SO profound, wicked, and tormented.  I have to say Jammie Fox did a hell of an acting job in this one.  the movie really leaves the viewer with the joy of recovery and triumph but also its a sad realization of profound loss once the movie expires.  A fine movie.
5.5 stars out of 6

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Movie Review “Fat Albert”

Something of a surprise for me at least.  Going to this expecting not much mor than a poke in the bum turned in to a warm and inspiring story of strength and ispiration.  A good look-see for youngsterers with a short-step for self esteeme!  A nice story line on the “Fat Albert” cartoon series we all grew up on years ago. Hey Hey Hey!  Nice family Flick
4 out of 6 stars

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Debunking myths about pets and pet care

by Dr. Bonnie Jones, DVM

One of the primary roles I have as a veterinarian is to be an educator. With that responsibility foremost in my daily toiling, I would like to take this opportunity to debunk several myths about pets and their care. These wives� tales are not only incorrect, but can also be dangerous to a pet�s well-being.

Probably the most common false belief that my clients communicate to me is that a female dog needs to have a litter of puppies to be a �better� pet. On the contrary, a female dog spayed prior to her first heat cycle will have a greatly decreased risk for malignant breast tumors and life-threatening, uterine infections. Unspayed female dogs have messy vaginal bleeding for a three week period while they are in heat. During this time, male dogs may arrive from far and wide asking �to marry� the resident female dog in heat. The fact is, pet heat cycles are not always a pleasant experience for pet owners, and having puppies does not alter the dog�s temperament.

Along that same line of thinking, the second myth I frequently address is that sterilizing a pet will cause the pet to become fat. While sterilizing pets can slow metabolism as much as 25 percent, the reality is the pet does not feed itself! So, if your neutered pet is plumping out, you need to reduce your pet�s daily food allowance to accommodate this change. A good rule of thumb would be to reduce your pet�s food intake by 25 percent at the time of sterilization. Like humans, animal metabolism slows with age; your pet will likely require even less food as it ages. Simply adjust the pet�s daily ration accordingly.

Speaking of aging,

one year in an animal�s life does not equal seven human years. Pets actually age more quickly in their first two years of life, then each successive year approximates four human years in the aging process. Also, toy and small breed dogs age more slowly than giant breed dogs. A Saint Bernard or Great Dane will be considered a �senior� at five years of age with an average life span of seven to ten years. Small breed dogs such as Pomeranians, on the other hand, frequently experience lifespans extending into their teens.

With this pet-aging concept in mind, consider this fact: a 1-year-old dog could be a mother just as well as a nine 9-old-dog could be. I don�t know of any 7- or 63-year-old human mothers! This is yet another strong argument for early sterilization of pets.

Another myth that makes me cringe is that feeding bones to pets is acceptable and good for the pet. No bone fed to a pet is ever risk-free. While pork chop and steak bones are probably the worst, any bone has the potential to get caught in the teeth or throat, obstruct or perforate the intestine, act as an intestinal foreign body, or cause gastroenteritis and/or constipation. Why would you want your pet to experience any of the above maladies? By the way, rawhide has all of the same risks associated with its ingestion as bones. Please don�t give your pet bones nor any type of rawhide chew.

Okay, so you fed your dog a bone yesterday. Now you are worried that Rover might be sick. So you quickly feel Rover�s nose and � aha! Rover�s nose is cold and wet so he must be just fine. You have fallen victim to yet another wives� tale. Rover�s cold, wet nose is only a reflection of his environment, not his health status. By the same token, warm ears don�t always indicate that your pet has a fever. A very ill pet that is dehydrated and depressed may have a very dry nose, but only your veterinary professional can determine if your pet is feverish or dehydrated.

And, since you fed Rover the bone and now he has begun to �break dance� on his butt, could it mean that Rover now has worms? Actually, scooting is an indication that any of a number of things could be irritating the anal area, including digested bone material and intestinal worms.

More commonly, scooting is a sign that your pet�s anal or scent glands are full or infected, and need to be emptied. Your veterinarian can help you determine the need for your pet to have its anal glands expressed. Other causes of scooting include yeast skin infections around the anus and stool �tag-a-longs.�

Your pet could also be break dancing because it has fleas � opportunistic bloodsuckers that like to hang out around the rump area where it is difficult for the pet to reach. However, you can�t see any fleas, so your pet doesn�t have them, right? You�ve succumbed to yet another myth! Fleas are often so elusive that you may only find their feces on your pet via a thorough flea combing. Flea feces or �flea dirt� looks like pepper, often in a comma or curly-q shape. If you find flea dirt on your pet, it is safe to assume that your pet has or had fleas.

Finally, this column would not be complete without a discussion of the myth of �spiteful,� a.k.a. inappropriate eliminations, by cats. Everyone knows that cats cease using the litter box because their humans have done something the cat didn�t appreciate, like adding a new spouse to the household, or better yet, a new baby. Wrong again. Understanding cat elimination behaviors can be very complex, but I�m not so sure cats are capable of the act of �spite.� More likely, your cat�s inappropriate elimination stems from its strong sense of territoriality and the fact that we have domesticated and contained a free-ranging, independent species in the confines of our homes. Your cat is expressing a need � a need to be a cat in the complexity of a human-dominated world.

I hope that by debunking the aforementioned myths, I have been successful in educating you about pets and their care. If not, just check out your dog�s �smart bump� on the back of its head. If the �bump� is really large, your dog is likely very intelligent and could probably teach us both a thing or two. Or� is that just another myth?

Bonnie Jones, DVM, operates a mixed animal practice in Delphos with her husband, Dr. John H. Jones. She is the president of the Lima Area Veterinarians Group and a graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Questions about pet care can be sent to: Dr. Jones, c/o The Delphos Herald, 405 N. Main St., Delphos, Ohio, 45833, or e-mailed to

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Somethings going on…….

There has been some strange siezmic activity outside and inside the ring of fire which you can see by hitting the link provided

it will also enable you to track other siesmic activity around the world such as that in sumatra and indonesia, as well as the US

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

He is RISEN!!

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

movie Review “Taxi”

I love Queen Latifa, we share alot of the same game for the old school of kickin it down with the HP! For REAL!  So about the film.  Well The taxi was uhm cool I guess but you can’t connect and disconnect a blower by a switch, brakes too for that matter but I’m sure the movie producers weren’t counting on the audience being mechanically savy on street performance
(WRONG) thats why it flopped at the box.  One thing I do have to say The Queen held this movie together the whole way through with natural acting and quips of humor andimproptu but you could tell the producer was tellen her to tune it down...... This movie would have been a “Jimmy Hoffa” with out her playing the character she did.  Some great car chase scenes super model skin ( if your into that) all in all Romanian super models rob banks hold a trash mans mother hostage so he coorperates to make the pickups for them, street chases stupid bafoonish NYPD cops.  I’d really like to rate it higher b/c of The Queens performancebut I must give it a (coulda used alot more flava)
2.5 out of 6 stars

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New poem “The Dance”

anyone been here before?  I know plenty of folks who have and some who still are - it kills me.


Darkness embraced
My body as
The infection
Of vertigo drunkenness
Charged my senses to come alive
I stood thunderstruck
As the scent of Heaven
Blistered my flesh
With thoughts of original sin

We met that night
That it would be an eternity
Of tomorrows and
Regrettable yesterdays
Of I swear
I promise
No, no well get help
And if you didnt
Make me so angry
And its not my fault
Youre the one
That isnt happy
Youre the one
With the problem

We were both
In love

We had
A way about us
That teased the gods
Always wanting for a kiss
Oh and it went so deep
The addictions
And our obsessions
Ran wild
That season

The storms clear
Spite condemns
And the dependence grows
Loathing deepens
Memories remain
An open window
Passion fades
As a cut rose in a vase
As the prettiest
Of the majesty
As taken
To have the life drained
From her
Where has the
Heaven scent gone
~Brady Beard

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Friday, March 25, 2005

The mind of Michael Schiavo

The loving husband some say that is fullfilling the last and final wishes of his dying wife.  Others say he’s a murdering exstortionist.  There are lots of stories about this particular case and the article and information I’m postin will reveal why.  I certainly was shocked.  As a man though.... I wonder… How do you go on from something like that?  It reminds me a song by the artist Jewel the song is “Adrian” and it stirs me every time I listen to it.  How does life go on around the seemingly lifeless?  Well I could ramble for centuries.  Never the less here is the article:

Michael Schiavo was taught early on not to back down His father, William, often reminded his boys that when he was diagnosed with polio at age 12, doctors said he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Six years later, he signed a minor-league contract with the old Philadelphia Athletics of the American League.  We were raised to never give up, says Schiavo?s older brother, Scott. To stick to your guns, and if you believe in something, you just do it.

That, he says, is just what Michael is doing as he fights his in-laws, the state legislature, the governor, Congress and even the president to keep them from prolonging his wife’s life with a feeding tube.

Doctors have testified that 41-year-old Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state, the result of a collapse that deprived her brain of oxygen 15 years ago. Michael Schiavo insists that his wife told him she would never want to be kept alive artificially; for seven years he has fought her parents to carry out what he says would be her wish.

Through much of that time, he has been vilified on talk shows and the Internet, and in protests in front of his own home as an abuser, an adulterer, a murderer. But to friends and family, Michael Schiavo is just a well-meaning guy caught in an extraordinary situation.

Schiavo, also 41, was the youngest of five brothers brought up in the mass-produced suburb of Levittown, Pa. They grew up in the Jubilee model two stories, four bedrooms, two baths and an attached garage.

The brothers were confirmed in the Lutheran church, though Sunday services weren’t always a priority, says Scott Schiavo, who still lives in Levittown.

Once the runt of the litter, Michael grew to 6-foot-7. But unlike his brothers, he had little interest in athletics; at Woodrow Wilson High School, Michael Schiavo joined the Italian Club, not the football squad.

Mike was more of a debater, his brother says. ?He was not a go-out-and-start-knocking-heads and stuff like that. ... He would rather try to discuss or argue a point.

After high school, Michael enrolled in nearby Bucks County Community College. It was there, in a sociology class, that he met Theresa Marie Schindler.

They were engaged just five months later and married in November 1984. After a year and a half, the couple moved to Florida for Terri’s work at an insurance company, and her parents followed them three months later. Michael Schiavo got work managing a restaurant.

Friends of Terri’s have said that Schiavo became possessive of his wife, tracking her movements and begrudging time she spent with her family. Terri had been overweight as a girl, and he reportedly rode her about her weight and threatened to leave her if she got fat again.

Terri?s brother, Bobby, has said Terri was even contemplating leaving Schiavo. Scott Schiavo says he saw a happy couple.

Then, in the early morning of Feb. 25, 1990, Terri Schiavo collapsed, changing everything.

Initially, Michael Schiavo felt that his wife might benefit from therapy. He staged fund-raisers to pay for a flight to California for rehabilitation.

During a medical malpractice case in 1992, Schiavo testified that he was studying nursing at St. Petersburg College to better learn how to care for Terri.

I want to bring my wife home, he told the court.

When asked how he felt about being married to Terri in her current state, he said, “I feel wonderful. She’s my life, and I wouldn?t trade her for the world. ... I believe in the vows that I took with my wife. Through sickness, in health, for richer or poorer.

I married my wife because I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I’m going to do that.”

But by 1993, Schiavo was fighting with his in-laws, Bob and Mary Schindler, over his wife’s care and guardianship. In a deposition, the ruggedly handsome Schiavo was forced to admit that he had already been involved in lengthy relationships with two women since his wife’s collapse. One of those women, a nursing assistant at the home where Terri was being cared for, told the Schindlers’ attorneys that Schiavo would whine all the time about how Terri’s illness had ruined his life, and that he couldn?t wait to collect the malpractice settlement. She described Schiavo as obsessive and claimed he stalked her for more than a year after their breakup.

Trudy Capone, who worked as a nurse at a home where Terri was treated in the early 1990s, says Michael Schiavo is an “evil, evil, evil man” who repeatedly told her that he and his wife had never discussed what to do if she was incapacitated. She says he was always asking, “What should I do?”

“This man is a liar”, Capone says.

That is not the Michael Schiavo who Jill Schad knows. A fellow nurse, Schad has known Schiavo for six years and has seen him on the job and with Terri. He strokes her hair and holds her hand and kisses her, Schad says.

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I’m so proud.

Trinity wanted to take some pictures with my camera.  What follows are the first pictures that Trinity took.




All of the other photos are visible here.

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IN search on new email program

im using mozilla firefox browzer, might try netscape again - not sure mute issue.  question is.  MS supplied outlook express is starting to (sensored) me off.  I’m going to load XP proon a new 60 gig sys only drive (2000pro now)anyway I’m looking for an alternative email program that will interface with hotmail - yahoos - gmail - i think that i will start using gmail as my main account soon as hotmail is starting to (sensored) me off too

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New Customs Trainees


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Thursday, March 24, 2005

They’ve changed their terroristic ways.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

movie review “ Shall we Dance?”

An all star cast of Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, and our fave ; J-Lo.(Jennifer Lopez).  Well I must say Richard Still has it and it’s very easy to see why J-LO became such an instant success on the silver screen.  This flim is a heartbeat of of a man that is determined to find his inner self, a man that is determined to ignight not only himself but inspire and ignite his marriage, children and the people that surround his daily life.  A wonderfully successful film with some very comedic moments spinning around a local dance studio off the “L” train
5 out of 6 stars

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Reprinted from August 1995 issue of Whiskers & Wags,
Halifax Humane Society Newsletter

By Dennis Fetko, Ph.D.
I’m familiar with hundreds of dog breeds, but what’s an outside dog? Unless you’re medically intolerant of the dog (and therefore can’t take care of him in a medical emergency, so you shouldn’t have the dog anyway), making a dog stay outside is a costly waste. If he’s for protection, what do you think I want to steal - your lawn? When you leave, do you put your valuables and your kids out in your yard? Just what is the dog protecting out there?  Most dogs kept outside cause far more nuisance complaints from barking and escaping than any deterrent to intrusion. Such complaints cause teasing, antagonism, release and poisoning. With your dog a helpless victim, it’s no laughing matter.

If I’m a crook and your dog is out, your fence protects ME, not your possessions or your dog. If I just open the gate, 9 out of 10 dogs will run off! I can safely shoot, stab, spear, poison, snare, strangle them, or dart through the fence and you just lost your dog AND everything I steal!

If he’s tied up and I keep out of reach, he’s useless. He’ll bark, but outside dogs bark so much, they’re usually ignored. But let a dog hit the other side of a door or window I’m breaking into, and I’m GONE! I can’t hurt the dog until he can hurt me, and nothing you own is worth my arm. Deterrence is effective protection.

Protection and aggression are not the same. Protection is defensive, reactive, often passive, and threatens or injures no one. Aggression is active, harmful and offensive, threatens all and benefits none. Yard dogs often develop far more aggression than protectivity because everyone who passes by or enters has already violated the territory that dog has marked dozens of times a day for years. That’s not protection, it’s not desirable and it overlooks two facts of life today:

First, property owners have implied social contracts with others in the community. Letter carriers, paper boys, delivery people, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, meter readers and others are allowed near and
at times on your property without your specific permission. And sure that ten-year-old was not supposed to jump your fence after his Frisbee; but neither you nor your dog are allowed to cause him injury if he does. Imagine this: A neighbor looks into your yard or window and sees you, your wife or child laying on the floor in a pool of blood. They call 9-1-1 and your dog prevents paramedics from assisting! Should they shoot your dog or just let you die?

Great choice.

Second, even if the intruder is a criminal, few places allow you or your dog to cause physical injury to prevent property loss. Convicted felons have sued the dog�s owner from jail and won more in the suit than they ever could
have stolen!

Appalling? True.

And don�t be foolish enough to believe your homeowner�s insurance will cover the loss. Now you see why many feel that an outside dog is a no-brainer.

The more a dog is outdoors, the less behavioral control you have. It�s easier to solve four or five indoor problems than one outdoor problem. The reason is valid and simple: The more you control the stimuli that reaches your dog, the more you control the responses. You�ve got a lot more control over your living room than you do over your entire county! When your dog is bored, but teased by every dog, cat, bird, squirrel, motorcycle, paperboy, airplane, firecracker and backfiring truck in the county, OF COURSE he�ll dig, chew, and bark.

Would you sit still all day everyday? Do you want unnecessary medical and parasite fees, especially as the dog ages?

When a dog is alone indoors, you are still 30% there because your scent and things he associates with you, constantly remind the dog of you and your training. When he�s out, your dog is alone whether you�re home or not. Do you really expect him to keep YOU in mind while the entire world teases, distracts and stimulates him?

The media is full of stories about the family dog saving everyone�s life during a fire. How many people, including children, would be dead today if those dogs were kept outside? SURE - you ALWAYS get up to investigate every
time your yard dog barks. And I�ve got this bridge.

An outdoor dog has an address, not a home. Dogs offer real value as companion animals. Stop behavior problems and start enjoying real protection and companionship. Bring your dogs inside.

Dennis Fetko, Ph.D.

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