Sunday, August 24, 2003

Domestic Terrorism 101

Where do the most Anti-American people live?  Who should we fear the most?  I say that most of them were born and still live here in this country. 

Has anybody ever heard of Timothy McVeigh?  Remember him?  Remember when, our “selected resident”, George W. Bush said that the United States would chase down terrorists and the organizations and countries that support them? 

How much attention is being paid to the guerrillas in our midst?  I haven’t heard of any bombs being dropped in Waco lately.  I am not saying that all residents of Waco are evil separatists.  They just live near Gomorrah. has been keeping their Eyes On Hate.

Don’t be brainwashed by thinking that terrorists are all Muslim clerics with an agenda.  Timothy McVeigh was a Christian that served in the US military.  Don’t let the media or your shallow coworker or neighbor make you believe that Islam is the religion of hate.  There is no religion of hate besides the religion of ignorance and bigotry.

Can I get a witness?

Posted by SPN on 08/24 at 01:53 PM
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