Saturday, August 09, 2003

Delaware, here we come!

We’ll be in DE next week.  I have some training to attend.  I learn how to drive a truck, dig a pit, mark and find a buried underground cable, and some other stuff that I don’t know about.  Hopefully, I won’t need to use this training, but I learn anyway.  Gotta stay current.  That is part motivation for trying to keep this website up-to-date.  It gives me skills in case I need them.

I’ll take my camera, so stay tuned.  I kinda doubt that there will be an opportunity for me to upload the pics before I get home so, stay tuned anyway.  I should be able to update the page, ‘cuz the ‘net is er’ where!

Tomorrow morning, at 0600 another former Jarhead and myself go out into the bay for fishing.  The last three times we went we caught nothing but sharks and crabs.  Yes, a crab will grab the bait and allow itself to be reeled onto the boat.  The last time big Red was here, we went fishing.  It was his first time and he caught the most sharks and crabs.  I thought I had a picture of the proof but it ain’t no’wers to be found.

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Welcome to!

Loni, this is for you.

Another type of online interaction experience.  Check it out.

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CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide (2003-07-30)

All I have to say is...I hope that she never has any problem with me!

Otherwise, I’d probably be crying my eyes out.  Kathy Wilson shames those with no identity and idolizes a bunny.  Although the bunny has “I’m lying to you and you love it” written all over its face.

Kathy says this,

I’m disturbed but not surprised by President Bush’s deadly slow response to Liberia. It says motherfuck the assumed nobility attached to Africanness—thy middle name is AIDS. You’s still a bunch of niggras with no oil.

in this article.

I’ve got to add Kathy’s column to the permanent list on the right, even though the main site is designed for a Cinci, OH audience.

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