Friday, August 08, 2003

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Help keep jobs where they are!

Verizon employees need your help!

I may need your help too if businesses continue to mis-manage.  In a country where a CEO can make more the 500x the average worker’s base pay, we need to make our voices heard.  Now, I do realize that many people don’t see a problem with someone making millions of dollars a year.  I hope those same people can realize that by keeping CEO’s and other executives pay based on their company’s performance, we can halt the rising trend of bonus payments that aren’t based on said performance.  Who can honestly explain to me that an executive can get a seven figure raise after a year of declining profits and poor market performance?  If you can explain that to me and not feel dirty while saying it, then I’m sure you are going straight to hell.  This is a huge problem.  The solution is “simple”.

“If the people will lead, the leaders will follow”

Start here now.  Let (y)our congressman know how important it is to keep our people employed fairly.  Sign and forward the petition.

Speaking of jobs, check out the cwa-union website.  There is a good outline of what the Bush administration is planning to do to take away overtime from workers.  This list probably includes you and your coworkers.  Look at this and decide how you really support Reaganomics part three.

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First Press Conference since digital

Boy what a difference.  I have shot many of these type events with film. But I promise you I took less photos with digital.  No longer is there a question about did you get the shot. I spent more time experimenting than anything else.

(August 7, 2003)Central Atlanta Progress’ A.J. Robinson and City of Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin answer questions during the ‘Let’s Do Downtown Mid-Point Report Card Press Conference held at the 191 Club in downtown Atlanta. ( Johnson)

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