Thursday, July 31, 2003

Trinity’s new computer

Earlier I mentioned in this entry, that we didn’t like the Dell PC that was purchased for Trinity.  The software that was purchased with the computer didn’t run.  Software that I purchased that was made for XP didn’t run on it.  It was slow.  It just wasn’t what I felt a brand new computer was supposed to act like.  True, it could have just been a bad box.  But, after spending, I know, 10+ hours trying to get it to run software that Dell sold me, I sent it back for a refund.  So, now, I have $90 of software that supposedly runs on XP (and perhaps a lower version) that is just sitting on my table.

Everyday, Trinity talks about her computer.  It makes me sad that the Dell didn’t work because ever since I set up the computer for her, she has played on it.  Even when we go someplace else that has a computer, she likes to play on it.  This is the longest time she has been away from a computer.  Heck, she’s not even three yet.  How many of you started playing with computers before you were two years old?

Hurry up and get here, Apple Emac!  Trinity is waiting.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Burning Spear - Rebel Riddims: Heavy Roots

He’s got a new album out. has the scoop.  If you haven’t heard Burning Spear, then you know nothing about Reggae.


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Mac Rumors: Internal Apple 17inch PowerBook Discounts

Looking for a new Mac?  Well, discounts are in the air.  Check it out.

I’m still gonna wait until Panther is included.


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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Possibly Interesting :: not just knee deep, she was total-ly deep

Check this out, These are journals by an assumed woman and her child.  They apparently line in CA and have been dealing with a little more reality than most of us ever actually experience.  She has more posts than I actually read.  Nonetheless, it is very interesting.  Here is the link.  They make some sort of connection with  I plan to spend some time checking them out on the short-short.


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NT hacking on the web

In the words of Tracy Morgan’s “Brian Fellow”, “That’s Crazy!”

The Swiss organization “The Security and Cryptography Laboratory (LASEC)” has provided a tool for password cracking online.  Just click here and fill out the form with the NT hash.  The site claims to crack all NT passwords within five seconds!

Go Micro$oft!.  Keep your systems secure!


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Saturday, July 26, 2003

Make a choice

I like this site.

This site makes me miss my Savage 25-06.  There are many people that want to change The Constitution Of The United States Of America for their advantage.  Then there are those that relish The Constitution Of The United States Of America.  I like the relish of The Constitution Of The United States Of America right on top of my veggie Frankfurter.  Apparently, so do the authors of

Gimme my gun.  Gimme my rights.  No, I take that back.  I’ll take my gun and a main course of Rights along with it.  Just don’t try and stop me.  I expect you to be in line with me as we enjoy the fruits that the framers of The Constitution Of The United States Of America intended.

Now, where are my shooting glasses?

Why did I say Frankfurter?  For the same reason I don’t say “Freedom Fries”. 

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New format

I’ve changed the format of the site a little.  I hope that you like it. 
If you don’t, then unless you are willing to spend the hours I spent redesigning it, ”Welcome Home!”.

The site works well with NS7+, Safari, and IE6.  I know that there are problems with NS4, so if you are using that, don’t.  If anyone else has problems with a specific browser, let me know please.  I’ll spend more hours working on the site.


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Friday, July 25, 2003

Blacks want �White Only� signs back…

You gotta read the rest of the article to really understand.

I ran across this today,

There’s some funny stuff going on!  I would put a permanent link up to this site, but there are too many links to sites that want my money.  I don’t have a problem with them making money, but if I’m not getting any of it I’m not gonna help too hard.


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U.S. shows Uday and Qusay’s bodies to media.

I won’t do it on my site.  NOT EVER

If you are interested in seeing “Faces of Death”, then leave this site and go somewhere else.  Here for instance, you can see the “proof” of their deaths.

It might be sad for me to say, but their deaths don’t matter to me.  Hell, they’ve been saying that Tupac and Biggie are dead for years now.  It brings tears to my eyes even to type that.  They showed me the gruesome pictures too.  That isn’t proof to me.  My best guess is that Tupac and Biggie, along with Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis are chillin’ somewhere in the Caribbean fighting over who has been holding the blunt too long.

BTW, that long word in the last sentence is pronounced “Ca Ri’ beyun”.  notice the accent is on the “ri” not on the “be”.  It is not pronounced “Cary BEE an”.  If you don’t believe me ask someone FROM there.


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Bush=Bad, Iraq=Not as bad as they thought?

United Press International: 9/11 report: No Iraq link to al-Qaida

Read the story here.


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We’ve seen “The Light” here in NJ

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee - Store Openings

We’ve been enlightened here.  Just two days ago, KK opened a new store just 40 minutes up the road from my house.  I’m so happy.  Unfortunately for all of my friends and family in GA, I have one less reason to drive to ATL.  If anyone near Brick, NJ wants to sample a REAL doughnut, then click and drive.

I hear that another store will be located only about 20 minutes away.

Anybody got a treadmill for sale?


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Thursday, July 24, 2003

Black like me—but not too black

We have MJ to blame for this.  No, not Michael Jordan, M* Jackson.  I think that he needs to get onboard with our presidents advisors and attempt to try to lead the country with “facts”.  As far as I recall, MJ has only admitted to one plastic surgery job.  Oh, well I guess it could be true.  His surgery was just in several hundred different procedures stretching for a couple of decades.

Anybody think that their nose is too “normal” then this article is for you.

Yes, I blame MJ for it.  I’m overboard, but then again, I can swim.


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The Black Hand Side

I like this guy’s style. Here is a quote from his site.

My Kind of Leaders
Finally, a bit of honesty from a political leader. The Polish Foreign Minister, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, was refreshingly blunt about the reasons for his country’s involvement in the Bush Men’s “Coalition of the Willing” in Iraq. Simply stated - Oil!
“We have never hidden our desire for Polish oil companies to finally have access to sources of commodities,” Mr. Cimoszewicz told the Polish PAP news agency adding that access to the oilfields “is our ultimate objective.”

I would respect the Bush Men infinitely more if they would just admit that this war wasn’t (isn’t?) about Saddam Hussein, Weapons of Mass Destruction, humanitarian interests, democracy, rule of law, or whatever the rationale of the day is but about control of oil and the subsequent destruction of OPEC. My position vis a vis the Bush Men’s conduct of American foreign policy would remain the same but I would, at least, respect their honesty. But to continue to insult my intelligence by spinning this illegal, immoral, unauthorized aggression against a sovereign nation as anything but is bordering on comical. It is also an insult to the collective intelligence of the entire world.
Perhaps Mr. Cimoszewicz has yet to learn the art of Western political subterfuge, but I glad to hear that the truth still counts for something somewhere, even if it is misguided. It is high time that the Bush Men and the “Coalition of the Willing” are exposed a greedy corporate-driven war criminals with gallons of American and Iraqi blood on their hands.

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The Village Voice: Features: Rice, Rice, Baby! by Ta-Nehisi Coates

I’ve found some stuff and some other sites that make me happy to read.

This is one tough article.

Don’t think that this is a one-hit wonder.  I gotta lot of stuff to add so beware of who might be reading this site over your shoulder from now on.

I’m gonna “shock and awe” and it might not be pretty!

“It’s gonna git political, ‘litical. Gonna git political. Let git more political”


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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

This page is getting cool in my little newbie book.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to give myself a nice graphical header.  On the webpage that is…

Check out my track list on the left side.  You can see what I am listening to at home.

I didn’t write the code.  It is a Mac app. called Kung Tunes.

More later but right now, it’s bedtime.

C’mon Trinity!



-edited 7/26/03 The music list is on the right side now.

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