Saturday, July 05, 2003

I’ve got a few new images up.

Check them out.


--edit All images are now in the Gallery now.

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Barry White is dead?

I guess death is a part of life… I am glad that I am not used to people dying yet.  Read one of the stories below.

Barry White dies at age 58

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Default Page

This will be the default page until I get everything sorted out.

This will be a difficult task for me to transfer everything over to this host.  This is all new to me.  I have a database of weblogs as well as MANY digital pictures on my home computer that I want to transfer here.  I’m not even sure that I can import db entries between differing db applications.  Shelley, can you help a brother out?


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soulphoto dot net is ONLINE!!

Thanks for visiting.  I hope that this experience is a pleasing for you as was/is.

Here we go!  I hope to showcase my usage of precompiled and formatted web stuff here.  If anything looks bad or confusing, let me know.

Although is online, I haven’t worked on the / index page yet.  So, please check here for updates until I mention otherwise.  Even then, there will probably be a lag between the time I get the / working and I transfer from



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Friday, July 04, 2003

Really, I’m not grumpy.

No, dear Shelley.  You are most definitely NOT off of the hook.  Now that you have bitten of the fruit of reading and responding, you must know wriggle your fingers on your keyboard while trying to write a good excuse for me to let you off of the hook.

Thanks for your responses.

I don’t think that I am a major grump.  Perhaps I have found a way to let some issues flow.  These things formed into sentences are just thoughts that I have already had.  Because I may have never found anyone that I could fuss near and not cry, I chose this medium.  This is good for me.  I am able to vent and my Log doesn’t judge me.  The Log just sits there and takes it like a good Log should.

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Just a few more days…

Then I will migrate all (most) of this off of my Apple onto a real server.  It still ain’t a windo$e server.  It is a Linux server

Hold tight!!


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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Children have it good.

I just got to the house after spending nearly 2 1/2 hours with Trinity at a park today.  When we got there, we were alone.  Then about 10 minutes into our play, a woman came and dropped off four children.  She came over and told the two youngest kids to, “Play nice, you hear?” She then walked back to her car, got out a fishing pole and then started fishing in the bay.  It wasn’t until the twelve year old started telling me about her family that I started looking at the kids.  The two youngest kids were so dirty, I felt bad for the playground equipment.  I wanted to put guards on the playground equipment to protect it’s salt-air dingy-ness from these kids.  The two year old had no shoes on and had walked all the way from the other side of the parking lot that is littered with assorted sea life carcasses, rocks, and parking lot trash.

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Monday, June 30, 2003

Today was a good day.

I was off today.  Any day off with the (immediate) promise of being able to return to work is good.  Of course you must WANT to return to work.

We planted some stuff in the yard.  Trinity played in the sprinkler.  Momma sweated.  Daddy gulped cool refreshing water. 

Today I registered “SOULPHOTO.NET”.  I am the owner of this piece of virtual real estate.  Soon, or late, I will start making moves towards making SOULPHOTO.NET a leisure making enterprise. 

Stay tuned to this domain until I have the grand opening SOULPHOTO.NET.  It’ll be an event.

Leisure is my goal for the future.  I want to be able to afford leisure.

Before I chose that domain, I looked at others like; (I’m late for that one),, and (both bastards were taken),,  Those were all chosen.


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Sunday, June 29, 2003


I thought I was dreaming this morning when the alarm clock went off at 0445.  I couldn’t believe it.  Just two hours previously, I was outside in my nightclothes, letting my car windows down because it had started to rain.  There I am, in the rain wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.  I was out that early because I told myself that I would let the car windows down before I went to bed.


I didn’t do it because I had a reason not to.  I had something else to do. 

Like..., make SAM’s cheesecake that I hadn’t baked because it was hot in the house when I got home from work.

Like..., make an entry on this site that noone reads.

Like..., put my camera battery on charge so that I could take it to out on the fishing trip today.

Like..., shave.

Like..., feed Trinity.

Like..., sit in the chair and enjoy a nice cool beverage.

Like..., anything else that fits into the category.

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Saturday, June 28, 2003

I am not grumpy

My mother said that she isn’t calling me anymore because I am grumpy.  I won’t go into all of the conversation because it is an oft told story that most of you already know.  Here is the short salient part.  Most telephone calls are disturbing.  Basically because most people are doing something else other than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.  Well, at least, I do.  I am either watching TV, or changing channels, or on the computer, or playing with my daughter, or abusing her mother, or eating, or dreading another telemarketing call.

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