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Monday, July 14, 2003

Let’s try it again!

I made two entries yesterday that have disappeared.

Yesterday, there was some activity where SoulPhoto.Net is hosted.  I think that during the time I was posting, some files got misplaced. 

Regardless, one of the entries was to announce that is UP AND RUNNING.

Come check us out.

When I remember what the second post was, I’ll resubmit it.


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Friday, July 11, 2003 --HOSTING SERVICES--

Yeah, you heard right!

Within the next few weeks, soulphoto dot net will start offering affordable hosting services for you.  That means that this site will be your “one stop shopping” for all of your web needs.

Whether you need a small space to rent for your crucial file backups or a full fledged home to host your own virtual storefront.

All details will be made available soon.

So, stayed tuned.

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Thursday, July 10, 2003

There’s more to come!

Loni, I didn’t know that you had it in you.  Well, I guess I suspected it of course, but to actually see it in print, is… revealing.

I’ve got a couple of very short poem-ettes that I wrote maybe eight or so years ago.  Once I find them I will put them in print.

=> Here on the web for all of the world to view <=

Kinda scary ain’t it


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Testing Testing

This is the “BLURB” field and it works now.

“BODY” field.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Just Venting

Just a vent about something that happened one day. Another Poem.

Let’s take a mental trip down memory lane to the day we met.  Wasn’t it funny how after you gave me the eye I showed the same interest in you?  The phone call I made to connect with you.

True I did play hard to get, what else could I do but get to know you and you know me, in the mental sense and physical sense too.

There was an imprint left on my mind, a mental stain that I can�t erase even after so much time has passed. Man I want to kick your ass!  You spit so much game I thought you were Parker Brothers dropping lyrics like sand in an hour glass.  Damn you were that good, had me all shook.

Posted by loni on 07/09 at 09:10 PM in Poetry
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A Poem

Since I was asked to post some of my poetry I’m going to put it down the only way I know how.  This is the first poem I was brave enough to read at the Live Poets Society Open Mic Night.  Got me noticed to say the least!  It’s called Appeal, I wrote it about a fellow poet (friend).

What is it about you that is so appealing? Is it your walk, your talk, your attitude, the persona of you?  Could it be that you are a mystery whose pages I wish to read and unravel. 

I’ve been trying to figure it out for some time but the reason escapes me because you just are… just so appealing�to me. 

You exude sex appeal from every aura of your body and you do it unintentionally.  Mentally you stimulate me and take me to another plane � and challenge me with new thoughts and ideas.  Physically you set my soul on fire and make me burn with a desire so intense that it sometimes scares me but still you remain cool. 

Posted by loni on 07/09 at 08:57 PM in Poetry
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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

My girls are home.

Last night after a two hour delay, I picked up my girls at the Philly airport.  The drive to Philly is getting easier and easier the more I drive it.  SAM’s aunt Tonia got married over the weekend.  That was the latest reason for the frequent flyer miles accumulation.

I had to buy Trinity a new computer to run the educational software I bought her.  The old computer seemed only to want to display the “Splash screen”.  It would not play ANYTHING else.  Trinity said, “Computer broken, daddy.” I said, “No, Trinity.  Computer old and crappy.” She said, “Old and crappy.”

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Monday, July 07, 2003

It is tough being me.

Well, I’ve been fortunate that a few of you are interested in keeping up with what I’ve been up to.  It is unfortunate that I am still trying to update two websites.  I am not really that talented.  The easy part is that most of the tools that I am using are not too difficult to configure if you can RTFM (Read The F#$%ing Manual).  I have to say that my reading/comprehension skills are sometimes weak when it comes to technical web related stuff.

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Saturday, July 05, 2003

Have you been paying attention?

Probably not.  Neither have I.  However, while you were sleeping, I did ALL of the work needed to get up and running.  It ain’t really cute, (because I did it) but it works.

So click!


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I’ve got a few new images up.

Check them out.


--edit All images are now in the Gallery now.

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