I visited one of my hometowns in NY this past week and heard a crazy story about a Georgia school ‘Zero Telerance’ issue…

My last hometown was Hempstead, NY on Long Island.  My godsister told me that she knew a family that moved to the ‘Metro’ Atlanta area and their son was suspended for wearing a T-shirt proclaiming his hometown - HEMPSTEAD.  Apparently the “geniuses” in Gwinnett county thought that was a drug reference, and attempted to susend the young man.

Dirty South.... Learn some frigging geography! Maybe if the ‘educators’ listened more to the children, the schools could actually be effective at teaching them!!!!!!  No child will respect someone that doesn’t respect them back.

Read more here
and here (read Hometown or Homegrown?) Actually that last link shows just how stupid the zero tolerance rule is.  It’s zero something, alright!

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