Words of Wisdom from my cousin Helen

“My Words of Wisdom

Do work that I love and be good at it.  Increase my skills.  Always learning something new. Concentrating on one thing that is before me, not trying to accomplish a whole lot of things. Exchange knowledge with others.  Groom someone else to take my place because I want to move up. 
Get plenty of rest. Stop working when it is time to go home.  When I worked for the government I felt compelled to stay late if I had a deadline.  Trying to save face, and to look good to the boss and co-workers never did pay off.  I was never given and raise or promotion because I stayed late.  People who work late all the time are viewed as not too smart, inept at their jobs, or poor managers of time.  I donít know anyone who ever retired and said they wished they had spent more time at the office.  Certainly, no one on their deathbed ever said they wished they had spent more time at the office.  The key is to work smart and go home when it is time to leave.”

“Spend less than you earn. Save ten percent of my income each time I get paid. Pay my debts promptly. Do not borrow and pay interest.  Pay bills within 30 days to avoid interest payments.  Budget every payday for bills to be paid, necessary expenses like food and clothing, and for enjoyment during the pay period.  If there is no money to spend for enjoyment, be creative and enjoy things that are free (getting books, tapes or music from the library).  Why max my credit cards and ruin my credit rating. Why be broke on the day after paying my bills. My emotional shopping or impulse buying was never a good idea. Every time I have done this I ended up taking things back. If I did not have time to take it back or could not find the receipt, I was stuck with something I could not or just did not use. 

Family is important.  Spend quality time with family members, not necessarily many times, but substantial time. Really get to know one another and love one another, especially elderly family members. Encourage the elderly to tell what they know about family history.  Instill in our children the importance of knowing their family heritage. Children watch what we do, not what we say they ought to do. 
Save money for travel. Members of our family are famous for being world travelers.  Share what you know about the world you have seen and what you know about world events. 
After retirement, save for long term care for yourself, or start a long-term care insurance policy.  Should you grow to be one of the very elderly, you will need someone to help you bathe, dress, and get meals.  Unless Medicare benefits change drastically, it will not pay for your custodial care, and you will be ineligible for Medicaid benefits.
Spend money on quality goods.  Every time Iíve tried to get a bargain by paying less, I spent money on something that did not last.  I should have put money into things that I was familiar with, and things that I had researched for their value. No investment on an impulse has ever paid off.  Wealth slips away from the person who invests in purposes with which they are unfamiliar, or in romantic ventures. Spending to keep up with the next guy has never paid off.  Saving for something and buying when I could afford it has been much more rewarding.  I have found that after months of saving to get something like the next guy that I really did not want it after all.  I wanted something even better.  That was the reward for meógetting something better because I waited and saved for it.  When I was consolidating debts I freed up some money to start buying again. I did this many times and found that I was worst off and had more debt than before.
I ended up ruining my credit rating for several years because of this vicious cycleócontinuous consolidation of debt.  When I finally started to practice discipline and self-restraint it really paid off. 
Donate regularly to charities.  Give to the poor and to the sick.  Give something back to the institutions that prepared you or contributed to your wonderful life.  It could be the church or college or an institution that is trying to cure diseases.
Make a written will. Who will get the wealth after I am gone?  I made it plain so that my loved ones wonít be in disagreement.  Leave a legacy. I am preserving some artifacts that my parents passed on. I have photograph scrapbooks and a growing CD library of photographs.  I have not done anything great, but I have done some good.  The good, the bad, and the ugly will be recorded in an autobiography.
Helen D. Nuttall December 2003”

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