Words from a preacher.

Or perhaps he would prefer being called a bishop.  I don’t know the difference, perhaps you’ll explain it to me.

- “GOD is not your Pit-Bull!” -

My interpretation follows:

That means if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, or if you don’t think that someone is praising the right* GOD, or if you think that someone is doing what you THINK GOD wants them to stop doing, it is not your place to say what GOD wants them to do.  You are wrong to start siccing GOD on someone because you think GOD disagrees with their choices.  It is NOT your place to say what GOD thinks or says.  The only way that you can say what GOD thinks or says is if you are GOD.  You aren’t, so stop acting like it!  The best thing you can do to bring people to GOD is to stop telling how you think GOD wants them to live.  The best way for you to explain to people how to live for GOD is to shut your mouth and LIVE for GOD.  Just SHUT UP!  Live!  GOD’s presence in you will be revealed in how you live NOT how you blabber about it.

Now shut up already. 

Oh yeah, stop sending me those emails about GOD’s love.  I already know it.

Thank you,

Posted by SPN on 02/11 at 09:32 AM in Religion / Sprituality

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