Who is Cafferty from “The Cafferty File”?

I was watching “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer and this Jack Cafferty guy says that the riots in France are the result of Africans and Muslims being in France.  He said that riots, Africans, and Muslims in one’s own country, “… is a result of not policing your borders: a note to the US.” I suppose that police brutality is never a possiblity. 

These guys think that it is always the poor that starts unrest.  The poor are never resting.  They are too busy trying to find enough food and water.

This guy apparently has some issue with Africans and Muslims.  I wonder which ones he dislikes other than the ones shown on t.v.

Hell I have a problem with the ones on t.v. too if they are setting my city “a fire”.

Posted by SPN on 11/07 at 05:10 PM in Blogging

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