what the f@ck?(!)


ok i stayed home today to catch up on some home stuff and other crap.  i took a break to catch some afternoon TV which i havn’t watched in i don’t know how long.... so i see the ellen degeneres show ( californian talk) and im like oh my god! i cant believe shes still on the air, so i tune in just in time to catch her last ditty of stand up something about being a happy resusitated fish and thats the same as a “happy-clam” at least thats where the frase came from and then she says and when im happy i feel like.... then the dj starts spinning and she starts poppin and the audience is like back and forth (snap pop) and she’s like james brown withoput a band and all vanilla iced-out and shes scary like a ghost without the sheet and i mean if this is cracker white bread fish belly america… she is tuna on rye!! 

Posted by bbeard on 09/22 at 05:12 PM in Blogging

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