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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 20:32:45 EST

It’s now Tuesday, about 6pm...and I haven’t watched TV or listened to the
radio at all today. Instead I called a friend to see how things were
going...just wanted a little friendly chit-chat...but my “November surprise” was that
he began immediately to rant and to rave at me for a good (read:bad) thirty
minutes about how only idiots and fools vote for Kerry, how the world is going
to come to a dreadful, awful end if those dreadful liberals take over the
power, how we’ll all have to learn Arabic and pray facing Mecca if Bush doesn’t
get elected, how I’ll be sorry if Kerry gets elected and my taxes are raised
100%, about how we should thank Bush for saving us from dying from the small pox
weapons that Saddam Hussein possessed.

SH************************T! When did “Liberal” become a four letter
word? When did “Conservative” come to mean “Divine intervention from the
All-mighty”? When did “Liberal” come to mean “treacherous, moral degenerate from
Hell” and when did “Conservative” come to mean “The only acceptable form of
‘merican there is”? Where in the Constitution does it say you’re a state-enemy if
you wave the flag from left-to-right instead of from right-to-left? If war is
historically an event in which everyone...even the good-guys...suffer, an
event where you must leave your morals at the door in order to win, an event
whose very description is “the total destruction of an enemy at all cost”, why
should I be labeled as a neo-communist, an unfaithful Christian and a traitor to
my country just because I question the value of going to war? I thought that
it was everyone’s civic duty to question the values of all leaders...those we
vote for as well as those we don’t vote for. Sorry...I should have said all
this to my friend instead of to you...BUT RADICAL CONSERVATIVES DON’T LIKE YOU

No, I don’t think I’ll watch television news again until sometime in
May...2047...when all of this is safely in our past and I no longer have to wear a
flack-jacket in order to talk to a good friend whom I love dearly and want to
keep as a friend.
And with that...good night! Ha!

Dear LinguaFranca,

You are definitely preaching to the choir here.  I was on pins and needles all day and when I left work around 6:00 yesterday I was feeling hopeful based upon listening to the radio (Air America) and various blogs.  When I checked the “news” around 9:40 pm last night, I got sick and went to bed.  I prayed that this just couldn’t be happening (again).  I don’t understand people who vote against their self-interest.  Why are these people unwilling to see “reality” as it is as opposed to what they want it to be?  GWB, is not the instrument that is going to bring back Christ.  I am so depressed.  I feel like we’ve gone back to the Humphrey defeat in 1968.  We’re immeresed in a unpopular war that is going to go nowhere.  Our economy is unstable and the divisions between people are going to be wider than ever.  As an evangelical, I don’t agree with some positions supported by the left but abortion and gay marriage are not central issues to my daily life.  The deficit, economy, job opportunity and the war have a much more immediate impact on my life.  I heard someone on “black” radio the other day and he said that how we (blacks) are doing is a good barometer for what is going to happen to the rest of the country.  Well, Black America is not doing so well.  We are on the ropes and might be heading for a knockout.  Please wake me when this idiot is gone and has finished plundering and destroying the nation.


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