What is this “Radio” thing?

I like to listen to NPR.  It saves me time from watching the daily slaughterfest that is shown on the news television stations.

I just got out of the shower and heard a really nice instrumental piece during the NPR show “Day To Day”.  I heard lots of good music on the show.  the music HAS to be good when only 5 miutes or less of music is played in an hour program.  I like music.

Anyway, the nice piece I heard was Hip-Hop rhythmed.  I love it when the public radio station plays Hip-Hop during the show’s intermission.  It feels to me like subtle brain-washing is taking place to those people that claim to dislike or even hate Hip-Hop music.  Anyway NPR is a a wonderful thing.  I’ll probably donate in 2005.

This song I heard was really mellow stuff.  I thought that if I rush and get on the computer I could search the NPR website and find the show and then find the names of the songs and artist’s whose music is played during the intermissions.  I sat down in the “lab” and started searching.  I started up iTunes so that I wouldn’t miss anymore cool music.  Being the polite person that I am, I informed my daughter who was in the same room that I was going to play some music.  She wanted to know what I was ging to play and I said, “I’m going to play the radio.” I don’t have a radio in the lab.  It is just my office, Cisco lab, computer room.  The only RF transmitter is the cordless phone on my desk.  I have no radio in the lab.

So I ask you, “What is this “Radio” thing” that I mentioned to my daughter that doesn’t come from the airwaves, but from the computer on my desk?

I called my computer a “radio”.

Posted by SPN on 12/31 at 01:28 PM in Personal

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