were still alive!

well we have been one of the lucky few.  although the threat of our home burning still remains, we have not been “hard evacuated” or been burnt out as of now.  there are still wild fires to the north of us and new wild fires to the north east of us.  all of sanbernardino mountains havd a MANDITORY evacuation and the national guard is being brought in to gaurd against looting and further arsen.  im am told that san bernardino has lost over 450 homes(less the homes in the mountains) thousands are displaced at evac centers - just in a fire fighting crew plan has just crashed into the mountain no survivers - sparking another fire.

the rest of california is getting worse by the minute - sandiego is half gone/burnt with alot of casualties, claremont upland, pomona, and LA is being burnt as well casualties and propety losses are unknown at this time.

ill keep you posted
view link for fire info in SB mountains http://www.rimoftheworld.net

Posted by bbeard on 10/27 at 05:12 PM in Personal

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