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Now this is the news I like to hear. Go Wayans Go!image

Nicktoons adds fam’s ‘Thugaboo’ cartoon; deposit placed for Oakland studio.

*It’s been nothing but serious business for comedic siblings Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn and Marlon Wayans in recent days.

The brothers put down a $150,000 security deposit toward the development of their long-planned entertainment complex in Oakland, and have also inked a deal to bring their first animated project, a series of cartoons titled “Thugaboo,” to the kids channel, Nicktoons. 

Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn and Marlon paid the security deposit and signed a negotiating agreement last week to develop 70 acres of vacant land on a defunct Army base, said family spokeswoman Kay Carney. As previously reported, the siblings are looking to build a movie studio and theme park on the abandoned lot.

The City Council voted eight months ago to give the brothers exclusive rights to analyze the site for possible development. The agreement was delayed for a while to accommodate their busy schedules, Carney said.

The next step is to analyze the site and come up with more specific plans, Carney said. The brothers have also floated the idea of building posh retail stores and a luxury hotel in the space in addition to the studio and theme park.

Meanwhile, the Wayans are also hoping to launch a following in the animation world with “Thugaboo,” a series of three specials – one hourlong and two half-hours – that feature nine very different kids growing up in the inner city. Each will learn valuable lessons about everything from the importance of friendship to never giving up on a dream.

Shawn said he and his brothers have been looking for an animated project based on their childhood experience.

“(The characters) are dealing with universal themes like going back to school, falling in love, friendship, dreaming and that kind of stuff,” said Shawn. “We’re giving life lessons through the characters, (so the viewers) will be able to maybe make better choices when they are put in certain situations. . . . The content is unique and funny and has a heart, so I think kids will really like it.”

The Wayans will produce, write and lend voices to “Thugaboo.” The specials will also feature appearances by Michael Rapaport, Tracy Morgan, David Alan Grier and Kim Wayans, and each will end with a special musical number played out in music video format. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Thugaboo” will premiere on Nickelodeon first, followed by their debuts on Nicktoons. The first installment will have a back-to-school theme and is targeted to premiere in August, while the second will be a Christmas-themed special. The details of the third special are still being planned.

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