War is Hell!

I say drop the big one on the country (countries) when and only when we feel that there isn’t any point in trying to help the innocents recover their innocence.  The innocence that existed before radicalism and terrorism and indecency was the rule rather than the exception.

The sadist in me would LOVE to witness a mushroom cloud that was shaped into twin towers.  But the sensible warrior in me says that the bombs used should truly be smart bombs.  The bombs should be smart enough to take out only the people pushing the buttons to continue warfare, terrorism, poverty, and genocide globally. 

The problem with that is that once the bombs are released, there is no guarantee that the bombs would continue onto intended targets in Iraq, Iran, and our ally, Saudi Arabia.  The ‘SMART BOMBS’ just might strike Washington, DC.  I have family in DC, so I am not happy with that possibilty.

Anyway, desperate people turn to desperate measures in order to be heard by the powers in control of their destiny.

Don’t push ME.  I’m close to the edge!

Posted by SPN on 06/22 at 04:31 PM in Blogging

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