Walk Away From Worry: 08.09.05

Most of the things you worry about are not worth the time and trouble you
take to worry. And all that needless worry distracts you from other, more
productive, creative and joyful things you could be doing.

With every worry
also comes the option to let it go. You can feel the worry, see it for what
it is, and then choose to immediately walk away from it. As soon as you do,
your mind becomes vastly more clear and more focused. Your spirit
experiences a glorious refreshment.
When your mind is filled with worry, just imagine how wonderful it would be
to have that heavy burden lifted clean away. Imagine it, and then choose the
simple act of doing it. Choose to walk away from worry, and lift that burden
from yourself. In a moment, your worry can be gone.
Breathe in the sweet, refreshing air of freedom, clarity and effectiveness.
Walk away from worry, and walk forward with positive purpose.

-- Ralph Marston

Posted by loni on 08/09 at 08:15 AM in Poetry

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