Wake Up!

Manifestation of all that has been foretold before.  Politics, drugs, guns, war.

Manipulation, government degradation.  Feelings of betrayal and damn what the fu--?

It can all be summed up in a few lines.  We have been hoodwinked yet once again. How long will we allow our freedom to be dictated by others.  Power may be strong but bonding together as a full force will live on. 

We march on to our destiny screaming free at last but when will we ever be free?  Micro chip implantation is on the way leading us to what is being called a brighter day!  This is supposed to help is what they say but its turning us into a computer program day by day.  Its bad enough we are nothing more than numbers but to be reduced to a chip ainí´ this some sh--!

Yet its all about progress thatí³ how we see it but when will we take the blinders off our eyes.  We claim we are informed but misinformed are we.  We definitely caní´ see the forest for the trees.  We are too busy trying to chase the almighty dollar but what we need to concentrate on is the future.  The future of our nation as we know it, the future of the children that will come behind us.

We are not untouchable because the fall of the nation has been foretold.  Isní´ it funny how no one wants to believe the word of old. 

Not to take a stand on an issue but there are problems we face every day. The cost of healthcare is going higher and higher, and the educational system is shot to hell! 
Ií­ constantly feeling as if someone just dropped a brick. 

Things used to be so much simpler then but we have regressed due to all the progress and now caní´ think for ourselves. With all this progress how are we going to get ourselves out of this mess?  Doní´ you miss the days when someone gave a damn and wasní´ just in it for the glory, money and the glam.  Isní´ it funny how the more we gain the more things stay the same, nothing seems to change except the lifestyle and the bills.  Then they become too stressful so then hey the doctor says take this pill. 

Ií­ not on a soapbox just want everyone to hear that if you doní´ open your eyes impending death, doom and destruction is all too real and near.

Wake Up!

Copyright ? November 8, 2004 Alondra DeGroat

Posted by loni on 11/08 at 11:45 AM in Poetry

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