U.S. shows Uday and Qusay’s bodies to media.

I won’t do it on my site.  NOT EVER

If you are interested in seeing “Faces of Death”, then leave this site and go somewhere else.  Here for instance, you can see the “proof” of their deaths.

It might be sad for me to say, but their deaths don’t matter to me.  Hell, they’ve been saying that Tupac and Biggie are dead for years now.  It brings tears to my eyes even to type that.  They showed me the gruesome pictures too.  That isn’t proof to me.  My best guess is that Tupac and Biggie, along with Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis are chillin’ somewhere in the Caribbean fighting over who has been holding the blunt too long.

BTW, that long word in the last sentence is pronounced “Ca Ri’ beyun”.  notice the accent is on the “ri” not on the “be”.  It is not pronounced “Cary BEE an”.  If you don’t believe me ask someone FROM there.


Posted by SPN on 07/25 at 12:07 PM in Politics

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