U.S. Federal ID Program not Good for Americans

This is soooooooooooooo not a good idea at all!  The government is thinking of more ways to keep track of people but do they not realize this does more harm than good?!?!?!?

The U.S. federal government is poised to require that all drivers’ licenses contain radio microchips as soon as 2008. The law is called the Real ID Act and will require states to issue tamper-proof drivers licenses that contain loads of personal information about the person. That information would include social security numbers, date and place of birth and home address, all of which could be a silver platter for criminals specializing in stealing credit card numbers and raiding bank accounts.

The law would also force state officials to check original birth certificates and other documents which would overwhelm the Department of Motor Vehicles. And citizens may be hard-pressed to come up with birth records.

The federal government is leaning toward this technical standard based on Radio Frequency Identification called RFID. This technology has been around for quite some time. RFID powers the clicker that opens car doors, it lets businesses instantaneously track FedEx shipments, and it collects tolls at 65 miles per hour in the Fastrak system. However, the use of RFID in driver’s licenses carries a vast potential for harm. Federal officials love RFID because it allows them to track and identify people from a distance. For example, in an airport security line, agents would be able to read people’s drivers licenses while they are nestled inside wallets and purses. This raises the risk of skilled thieves or terrorists to collect vast amounts of personal information by simply strolling through a crowded mall.

Many advocacy groups opposed to the law are calling on all Americans to denounce the program. Congress reasoned the program was needed since some of the 9/11 bombers carried fake driver licenses. But to many this is simply a political move to make lawmakers look tough on terrorism without having to think. Many believe to be tough on terrorism Congress should concentrate on securing U.S. ports and chemical plants and stop squandering billions of dollars on ‘pork’ projects.

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