urge to boycott Walmart

Regarding store manager Darrel Weitzel

I read an article on the Reuters/AP news wire that your general manager and two associates, Christopher Anderson, and Jeffrey Hardin have been charged by local police for animal cruelty and abuse.  90% of Americans are pet owners.

I want you to know that I have been a loyal Wal-Mart and Sams customer since 1999 and I can not continue to support an establishment that condones and supports animal cruelty/killing I refuse to shop at your stores, because of this incident, until you proclaim a different set of values for the managements teams that represent your retail interests.

Many of Southern Californians are sickened and outraged!  You advertise your image as thus; yet you chose to KILL for convenience sake

“Doing the good things neighbors do.”

“Helping, to make a difference, right here at home”

“We’re committed to the communities we serve.  We live here to.  And we believe good, works.”

We are planning the boycott of retail stores, including Sams Club by any legal means necessary: Web log, word of mouth, flyers, media involvement, marches, demonstrations, working together with local governmental officials to suspend construction of planned super-centers in Southern California and the Inland Empire.

We feel it is not only the correct thing to do but it is the necessary and a wise stand for Wal-Mart to consider the following.

We feel Mr. Darrel Weitzel should be immediately relieved of his management duties.  We believe that it would be wise that a national campaign be released officially apologizing and stating that

Wal-mart/Sams does not support the killing of animals in the community in which they are a part, and will do everything necessary to provide better training for employees, scrutinize future leadership more closely, and donate adoption assistance to help aid local animal shelters and find precious animals loving homes.

This is such a terribly sad and tragic event that has happened at the hands Wal-Mart corp. I hope the New-Year finds your conscience and remorseful hearts in better standing with your maker.

Brady Beard

Posted by bbeard on 01/18 at 06:03 PM in Blogging

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