UPS just isn’t working for me!

Should I tell???

Last Friday night I was on my way to practice with the kids, and as I left my job, there was a UPS truck (the short ones) in front of me. As we drove along, I notice what looked like his trailer was open and the packages were about to come off at any second. Because we have had numerous problem with UPS (not enough to stop all dealings w/ them, I guess) I was very adament about not turning off, but staying behind this truck. And true to form, as we continued to drive, I begin to see packages falling from the truck!! Not only was I upset, but I pulled my car over to pick them up and for several reasons:
1) It’s the company that puts bread on my table
2) One of the packages could have belonged to one of my clients( not one but both did!!) and Lord knows I get so tired of answering phone calls that concern “UPS DID NOT DELIVER MY PACKAGE!!” or “ WHEN MY PACKAGE WAS DELIVERED BY UPS, ALL MATERIAL WAS JACKED TO HELL AND i CAN NOT USE THIS FOR MY MEETING!!!!”

I mean how many times can you apologize to your client, before you start to look as if IDIOT is permenantly tatooed on your forehead??

So got the packages out of the street and continued driving , saw the driver who had pulled over and thought I should drive by and not give him anything, but drive back to my job and show them just how incompetent UPS has become. However as I got closer and looked in his face, I couldn’t do it. I thought of all sort of things happening after I decided to take the route of sharing the information I have with my employer. So I got out of my car, lectured the guy on how he should be more careful, because not only could this be his JOB, but mine as well if the packages never made it to there destination. And went to my practice that I was now late for!!

So now I’ve been wondering should I still inform my employer as well as UPS? Honestly I could not bare the thought of this experience turning not just negative, but very NEGATIVE!!!

All responses will be read, and then I’ll make a final decision......


Posted by COOP on 11/28 at 01:40 PM in Blogging

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