Ultimate Hustler Review

An acquaintance of mine asked several of us to give him feedback about the BET show that he was a part of producing.  I can’t say I was eager to watch the show but here’s what I wrote him today.  (I put this in Movie Review even though it’s not a movie but it is a review.)

I finally watched the episode last night.  In spite of my preconceived expectation, I was oddly compelled by the show.  I honestly didn’t think I wanted to see or even cared about a bunch of 20-somethings who were trying to be hustlers.  But, Damon Dash really made the episode for me because of the ultimate goal, which is business. 

My preconceived notion was that this was the ghetto version of the Apprentice and that it would be about perpetuating ghettofabulous.  Some of the things he is trying to instill in the “contestants” are things that are instructive in my own attempts to get ahead and move on my dream of the multi-plex.  It seems as though most of them are fixated on being “playas” rather than business people of serious worth.  It’s like they’ve watched every rap video and modern blaxploitation movie of “pimps” and “playas” and have decided that’s what hustlers do.  Anyway, I think I will continue to watch (for now).

Posted by Nuttshell on 10/06 at 01:55 PM in Celebrity

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