Tongue Tied - Banned Blackface, Gender Bending

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Banned Blackface, Gender Bending

Monday, July 12, 2004

By Scott Norvell

Officials in Louisiana are rethinking the scheduled appearance of a comedian because he’s not African American, as they assumed, but actually a white dude who appears in black make-up, reports the¬†Lafayette Advertiser.

Organizers scheduled the show by Willie Richardson in Lafayette with the understanding that he was black. Now that they know otherwise, they are rethinking the gig.

Officials with the local NAACP (search) have asked that he not be allowed to perform.

Ja’Nelle Chargois, who is general manager of a local radio station in addition to being NAACP president, said even she was surprised; she has played¬†Richardson’s material on air.

“I’ve listened to many of Willie Richardson’s tapes and they’re not racially biased in any manner or against any group. But, if he’s someone who is painted in black face, then yeah, I think that’s offensive,” she said.

The promoter of the show, David Stallings, wondered why it’s offensive when white comedians portray people of other races but not offensive when it’s the other way around.

“Eddie Murphy has painted himself every color known to man and portrayed himself as Hispanic, Jewish, made fun of everybody and every race,” Stallings said.

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