Today was a good day.

I was off today.  Any day off with the (immediate) promise of being able to return to work is good.  Of course you must WANT to return to work.

We planted some stuff in the yard.  Trinity played in the sprinkler.  Momma sweated.  Daddy gulped cool refreshing water. 

Today I registered “SOULPHOTO.NET”.  I am the owner of this piece of virtual real estate.  Soon, or late, I will start making moves towards making SOULPHOTO.NET a leisure making enterprise. 

Stay tuned to this domain until I have the grand opening SOULPHOTO.NET.  It’ll be an event.

Leisure is my goal for the future.  I want to be able to afford leisure.

Before I chose that domain, I looked at others like; (I’m late for that one),, and (both bastards were taken),,  Those were all chosen.


I am swearing now because I have just reached down and scratched one of nearly a dozen mosquito bites on me.  NJ is an animal haven.  I believe that in the nearly three years that I have been here, I have seen more; biting insects, deer, wild turkey, ticks, geese, ducks, foxes than any place I have have ever lived. 

Louisiana’s (Lousy-ana), motto on their old license place was, “Sportsman’s Paradise”. 

They may believe it.  I doubt it after living here.

Anyway, today is coming full circle.  I have to work tomorrow and my mood is starting to degrade. 

I better quit while I’m ahead.  Don’t wanna get grumpy.


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