This was funny but sad too.

Today, I had to reply to an email from my supv.  This emailed reply was simply stating that I had read and understood a presentation that was emailed down the chain of command to all of the workers about the company’s stance on harassment.  The company stated in the presentation that no harassment is tolerated towards an individual’s race, sexual preference, sex, religion and some other stuff that is common sense to me. The company also says that it feels sooo strongly about the issues of harassment that it would prefer to send an email than to have a face-to-face meeting to say what the stance is (my words).

Just after I sent my reply, another coworker who had just read the same presentation said, “Which old Black Jew bitch faggot sent this damn email to me?”

Needless to say I couldn’t help but laugh at the sillyness portrayed by my coworker.

I didn’t stab him after I stopped laughing.

It is just preposterus to me that companies would rather send an email to save money than to have a meeting of this importance.  I must not really be that important.  Right?

No wonder there is rampant dishonesty in our workplaces these days.

Poor ol’ Martha. 
Martha the scapegoat.
Give her Free!

I work with an asshole.

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