this realy chaps my hide

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I dont need an enhancement.  my penis and my erections are just fine.  i can pee, have sex - and I enjoy watching my lover enjoy my penis.  im not interested in having some sort of crazy freak cock monster penis in my trowsers that will alert every dea agent in customs every time i cross a border.

I enjoy eating. im not giving up my chicken fried steak, (american) fries, or donuts.  I’m an american - americans are fat dumb and happy.  im not interested in becomming an anerexic - vomiting, constipated bean pole.  I am comoftable as I am.  No stupid freaky email will tell me how to live my life and what body parts i need to “upgrade”.  if im going to upgrade anything it will be my backyard with a pool / or ill put a v-8 in my maxima or ill weld a hamster cage in my computer.... but please stop sending me these weak assed, head trippin cries for money.  go get a real job.  shovel some horse stalls for some money and then you’ll be able to see a real freak cock - that is if you dont get mounted.  get a job in a donut shop and see if you dont gain an extra 50....... you’ll be happy, enjoy your work, and have an extra 50.

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