This home is protected by paw power

A great dane saves his family from theft....

Published Online May 12, 2005

URBANA � Rena Jones said she and her husband Drew have no intention of loaning their Great Dane to law enforcement in the wake of his recent fame.
“He’s not for hire. He’s our pet. We certainly feel very proud and relieved that we had more protection than we thought we did,” Jones said.
She was referring to the job that Max, their almost 8-year-old dog, did in protecting them from a masked man who police say broke into their home on Barnes Street in Urbana early Saturday.
Jones and her husband were sleeping about 1:45 a.m. when Max, who sleeps at their feet on their waterbed, head oriented toward the door, let out a “more aggressive, more intense” growl than he normally does when something is awry.
They were aware that Max was standing over an object in the corner of their bedroom that they suspected was a bunny or a bird that one of the cats dragged in..............

“My husband jumped out of bed and grabbed Max to pull him back. At the very moment he pulled Max away, Drew is leaning over the object. He pulls a ski mask off and said, ‘Oh, my God. It’s a person.’ That’s when we realized we had a much more serious situation on our hands. The guy was so startled,” she said.
The guy, according to police, was Jason Thomas, 31, who listed an address in the 1900 block of John Jay Court, Urbana. Dressed in black from head to toe and wearing latex gloves, the intruder entered the Jones’ home through a patio door and made his way down a dark hallway into the master bedroom.
The dog protected his owners before they were even aware an intruder was present.
“He (Max) charged the man and decked him using his paws,” she said, correcting earlier misinformation supplied by the sheriff’s office that the dog bit the intruder in the face. “As his left paw came down, it scraped his face.”
Both of the Joneses are nurses and they checked Thomas for injuries, documenting four distinct scrape marks on his face, she said.
Until Drew Jones had command of the situation, Max continued to keep Thomas cornered, Rena Jones said.
“It was very unsettling. My husband is an intensive care unit nurse and is used to crises. We didn’t have time to freak,” she said.
She said Thomas was on the floor on his back side after having been decked by the dog when Drew told Rena to call 911.
“The guy tried to get up and my husband said, ‘Sit down and don’t try to get up,’” she said, adding that Max backed off and remained at her husband’s feet about 3 to 4 feet away from Thomas until authorities arrived.
Rena Jones said they learned later that Thomas apparently told a deputy he was only casing their home for items he could come back later to steal.
He had a wallet and a screwdriver on him, she said, expressing relief he was not armed with a knife or a gun.
Rena Jones said they have had Max a little more than five years and although he has a “bark that shakes our windows,” she said he is a very friendly dog.
“We always wondered if he’d show aggression toward someone in the home. Normally, he wants to greet people in a friendly manner,” she said.

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