the wonders of fire

smoked the turkey

well t-day went off without a hitch for the most part.  despite the children having taken all evening to clean a bathroom ( to help) rather than finishing and helping to trim the tree and so-forth.

so this year our first holiday together i decided to smoke a turkey.  a great big 22.0364 lb turkey.  so i got up in the morning and started the bbq first thing.  see to smoke you must use a wood fire in a smoke pit type bbq, and i have foud the best way to get that wood burning is to through it on the top of red-hot regular bbq coals.  so the ‘q is going and im inside hacking and wacking at the turkey carcase.  ~see you need to cut it in half and place it skin side up when you smoke; this prevents the tukey from dying out.  so i made a nice holiday rub for the truket that consited of sugar, cinnamon, garlic pultry seasoning, seasoning salt, and just a hint of paparika.  for the mop i added some white wine red wine vinagar (from a nice cab) some water and maple syrup.

so anyway the turkey was a big hit for the folks that we invited over and mother in law.
now it seems we will be a having a variety of turkey based meals for the nest 2 months.
turkey soup, turkey chili, smoked turkey quesadilas, turkey quiche, turkey pot pie, smothered turkey, and turkey pizza.

hope everyones day was memorable

Posted by bbeard on 11/28 at 01:09 PM in West Coast

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