The Person That Love Built (Through a Grandmother’s Love)

I’ve often watched some of my “friends” interact with their kids and I wonder what happened to parents that believe in discipline and raised their kids to be respectful and it got me to thinking about my own childhood. 

This is the person that love built
Granny as she was affectionately called scraped,
And saved to provide for me
Her work ethic I admired and although sometimes didní´ understand
It taught me and molded me.
This is the person that love built

Sunday morning breakfast prepared by hands with care before church
Monday through Thursday hot meals breakfast and dinner
Friday night fish fry because I liked them!
Saturday night pizza just because
Everything made from scratch, and oh how good it was
This is the person that love built

Helping with homework so I could go outside and play
Before the street lights came on or else back in the house Ií¤ go
Laying out clothing for the next day for school, and taking me to school
Being friends with ALL of my teachers so I couldní´ act up or be rude

Sunny afternoons running up to granny screaming asking for change
Because the ice cream truck was coming my way
Granny providing change and telling me 줯ní´ ask for nothing elseTelling me not to ask for everything I see
Because she didní´ want me to be spoiled
Spanking my butt when I did wrong and
Teaching me right from work.
It always hurt me more than it did her
Teaching me that talking back to adults is disrespectful and
To stay out of grown folks conversation,
Because that punishment was a pop in the mouth!

Teaching me the facts of life
Oh how embarrassing to be told by your grandmother!
This is the person that love built

Telling me it was time to learn to cook!
Putting me in the kitchen when I became a teen
To watch her prepare the meals Ií¤ enjoyed eating so many years
Soul food prepared with love
Granny said a woman has to know how to fend for herself

Telling me that women must be smart, attractive, and
Know how to cook to keep a good man
Making sure I could bake
Because a cake or pie is always needed for the church,
Or fellowship with others

Taking my high school diploma and putting it on the wall
Because she earned it after so many years of toil with me..
This is the person that love built

Pushing me to go to college because granny wanted me to have the education she didní´
Being disappointed in some of my actions
But always encouraging me to strive to do better, and learn from my mistakes.
Smiling proudly when I received my degree screaming thatí³ my baby!
Granny was definitely there for me, for all her grandkids
This is the person that love built

The person that love built
Taught me morals, values, ethics, self worth,
Boosted my self esteem, and gave me an education.

I am the person that my grannyí³ love built

Alondra DeGroat ? September 16, 2005.

Posted by loni on 09/16 at 07:18 AM in Poetry

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