The Passion of The Christ. - The review


well, no one died or had to be removed from the theater.  however i am glad that i had eaten before the screening as i had no words nor any appetite afterwards. 

Being a Christian and trying to live as true as i am able to the teachings of my faith i know that i never can quite remove myself from a lifestyle of hypocracy, shame, and lies.  to say it short, i fall way short of what i know is my capacity for love, and this film, for me, pressed that home.

so back to the film.  Im very familliar with the history of the crucifixion of Jesus.  The film by Mel follows the Bible allmost exactly.  unless you were a “citizen” or priest of great standing, jewish folk back in the day wouldn’y speak latin but mostly hebrew or greek since that was the previouse territories tounge in which they resided before Rome came on the scene.  However the touch of spoken latin and sub title made for a very “origional” flavor and texture.  The graphic violence and brutality is enough to make most cringe and sickened deep within their guts.  The fact that this is a story about an innocent man setup, tortured, and cruxified just to get him out of the way and stop trouble for the jewish high priests is enough to make you so sickened in anger that you want to cry out for justice.  the film envelops you imediatly and grabs hold of you for hours even after youve arrived safley back at home.  thoughts of “what if” and “could i do that” , “why me” , “victory for God” and “why am i here” seem to surface together in a whirl wind of emotion.

I can say that the film shocked me, the kind of shock/stun that 110v would give if you touched the wrong live wires, and I don’t think that I was alone.  when the house lights went up after the credits scrolled away into dimishing darkness the audience sat; together silent, no whispers, no stiring, just sniffling and dabbing of cheeks and eyes.  We had arrived some 45 min prior to the screeng and found only seats in the third row from the front.  i had a great vantage point to the rest of the audience.  Durring the time of the violence and beatings you could here people whisper “just stop it” “oh my God”, and varied utterings and gasps..  i suspect that tears flowed more than soda and consession as entirely through the fim sobs could be heard from around the room.

For me I don’t know if this is a life changing experience, as i expected.  However, my hearts been changed long before the screening.  but I tell you It sure gives my imagination an heart a good look at the human side of Jesus and what HE went through for ME.

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