I went to see the movie today and IT WAS EXCELLENT....If you want to pay to see a movie I think this should be the one. It was a 1:15 mantinee, nobody was in there except for me and a whole lot of senior citizens.  It was packed out, there was not a seat left in this particular theater. I cried, cried, cried.  The movie touched me so much.  Just seeing (movie portrayal) the way Jesus suffered for us, being beated in the streets, nailed to the cross, the relationship he had with the people, I was just amazed, ( I am right now literally at a lost of words, because this movie shows everything you would read in your Bibles). In between the beatings and him (Jesus) passing out in the streets from exhaustion and pain, he would have flash backs to different things that happened to him from him speaking to his disciples, or conversing with the town people, breaking bread with the disciples and drinking wine, it was excellent.

I watched this movie in tears, and my heart was so heavy from seeing him suffer the way he did. I think that all believers and those who don’t believe should see this movie, because (nonbelievers) may have a change of heart.  If you are interested in seeing an reinactment of what you may have read in the bible or even what your minister speaks about in church, then you should see this movie.  MEL GIBSON GETS ALL THE PROPS for this movie.

Posted by SAM on 03/01 at 07:53 PM in Movies

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