the magic of wine vinegar

the how-2s and what nots

so you want to make some red-wine vinigar to make a sallad dressing.  you dont want to get it at the local 5 and dime or the huge retail giant crushing the mom and pops and really the moms and pops just dont have any sellection so-o-o-o-o-o wha-daya gonna do?  we down martha stewart style without the bi-i-i-i-otch.

so we make our own, here we go

select you container or decanter, it doesnt need to be air tight.  bacteria wont grow in a high ph like vinegar so dont stress the germs.  choose something pretty that reflects your style or decore.

choose your wine:  there are three basics red, white, and fortified.  my opinion is the red wine vinegar yields the best flavor-hence white wine is good for infusing flavor with fruit ( we’ll talk about that later) the fortifieds are usually heavy and very flavorful wines like sherry, port, marsalla, and drambui ( a liqure).

ok so now you need to decide:  “will i have a regular wine vingar or will i infuse it with some tempting flavors of garlic, rosemary, thyme, oreagano, dill, or MJ.” - hell ANY herb will do.  you can even use wild berries or store bought varieties just start with DRIED berries.  Usually the trater the berry the better the vinegar- berries such as: raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, gooseberry, wild plums, pineapple(not a berry), tropical fruits are ok but should be uses only with a light white wine VIN.

so now that you’ve decided lets pretend you chose the RED.  One evening light some candles (optional) and have some itallian and some nice red table wine like a merlot or cabernet.  Don’t finish the bottle save 1/4 to 1/2 of the bottle of wine for the next morning - if you are like me and sometimes drink to much or are having several dinner guests purchase a larger bottle.

the next morning:

so you have you fancy decanter that you will use to add some fav-ah to your kitchen.  pour the leftover wine into the decanter.  the wine on its own will oxidise and turn to vinigar, but we will help it along.  add about2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a 1/2 bottle of wine (adjust accordingly)

so in an impulse you decide “i want flavored vinegar” lets pretend you select garic and rosemary.  take several (5-7) fresh cloves of garlic and ram them into your pretty decanter take 2-3 twiggs of rosemary and ram then into the slender neck of your pretty decanter making sure they arrive in the main holding chanber of the decanter.  as you have dinner and drink wine add the remainders to the decanter.  you can get a big bottle of wine and use all of that - however i have foud that using different kinds of simillar wines add to complexity and flavor of the vinegar.

ok so its july and you have a bbq comming up where you will host the neighborhood, some co-workers and friends.  you think, “i have got to have something amazing- but what?” so you decide a nice exotic cool sallad will be best to wow your co-workers and friends and set the neighborhood ablaze regading your cooking fines.

this time you have decided on a tangarine mint infused vinegar.  start with some good leftover white wine like a chardonay or chablis.  find/aquire/purchase another decanter and pour thr wine in.  we will use the same ration of apple cider vinegar to wine as before.  now to get all the flavor of the tangarines you use the colored part of the rhind - no fruit - it will add sugars and make the vinegar less than desireable.  add a mint sprig not too much its very strong

so to make this wonderful salad you start with butterleaf lettuce and some red romain with a few impatient flowers (petals only) select some mandarine orange slices and add some thing purple like a beat, bean, or onion-(lite on the onion)

now for the dressing add equal parts of the vinegar and some walnut oil or substitue a drizzle of sesame oil in peanut oil.  blend together with a tbl-spoon of fresh clover honey for every 4 oz of dressing blam-O a salad to charm

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