The fireworks were cool.

Trinity and Kiarie had a good time.  Trinity proved again that she doesn’t like loud noises.  I hope she maintains that noise threshold when she gets to be stereo age.

About half way through the display I had a good idea.  But, since I didn’t bring my camera it didn’t really matter lat night.  Next year at the display wherever I may be, I plan on taking one exposure of the entire show.  Tht might be an interestng photo.  I’m sure that it would be better than those timed exposures of movies that I saw on the web a ahile ago.

This artist took long exposures during chinese movies.  So, what you see is the theatre properly exposed with a white rectangle in the middle.  The white rectangle is the movie screen during the exposure that lasts the entire movie.  In some of the shots you can see blocks on the bottom of the screen where the subtitles were printed.

[edit]I found a link to his work after I posted this.  here it is.[/edit]

Waay cool huh?

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