How about that job situation?!

Feeling dejected, rejected, insignificant, how about that job situation?
Loss of income, time running out, how about that job situation?

This is the daily conversation why are so many in my business.  Do I look unhappy, stressed or even mad?  Is my countenance sad, depressed even?  Is my inflection one of hysteria, or fright? Have I given you the idea that I’m under pressure that I need this job that I’m not well off? 

I have said this before and I will say it again doní´ worry about the trouble Ií­ in.  This situation to you seems less than the best but I know better than all the rest.  You see Ií­ a person who is used to making due.  I woní´ kill myself after this situation is through.  You see my people are known to persevere.  This is not the end a new beginning is near, because with each slammed door another window does open. Opportunities abound for those that believe and for those that doní´ know me, Ií­ not a caged bird so therefore I sing. I see this as a new adventure to an old chapter in a well-loved book. The story of my life is not summed up in a title or the salary I hold. That is not the defining factor.  My character and the person I am and how I hold up my head in the face of adversity makes me the person I am.

A smile of happiness graces my face everyday you see Ií­ not trapped in this everyday rat race.  The matrix holds me no more. Ií­ able to pick and choose the position that comes to my door.  So please no more questions about ì´¨at job situationî®  You already have the answer and thatí³ my revelation!

Copyright June 2, 2004. Alondra DeGroat

Posted by loni on 06/02 at 09:12 AM in Poetry

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