SOURCE SHEDS LIGHT ON LOU RAWLS FAMILY FEUD: Source says Nina had nothing but hate for step-daughter

Drama, oh the drama.  Not sure if the voicemail is her or not but if it is. Man is she one angry woman.

A witness who attended the January 13 funeral of singer Lou Rawls spoke to EUR exclusively about the drama between Rawls’ widow Nina Inman, 35, and his middle daughter Louanna (from a previous marriage).

As previously reported, tension between the two came to light via a phone message left by Inman, a former flight attendant, on Louanna Rawls’ answering machine that was played in open court last month in their annulment case.  As reported two weeks ago by Fox 411’s Roger Friedman, the phone message contains hate-filled words toward Louanna and numerous threats to destroy her father financially.

(To hear the phone message, click HERE or HERE. Be warned, it contains highly offensive language.)

Inman invited Louanna to the funeral, but a friend of Rawls tells EUR that Nina refused to allow Louanna to see her father at the funeral home. 

“She said if Louanna wanted to go, she could go with the public like everybody else,” said Rawls’ friend of 40 years, who spoke to EUR’s Lee Bailey on condition of anonymity. 

Inman told Fox’s Friedman that she filed a police complaint against Louanna, claiming she took all of her father’s jewelry, including his wedding ring, Grammys and gold and platinum albums. A close friend of Louanna told Fox’s Freidman that Rawls instructed his road manager to remove those items from his Arizona home in a notarized letter.

“Louanna wasn’t trying to get his money,” Rawls’ friend assures us. “She never wanted for anything. She grew up his daughter, she grew up privileged for Christ sake. At this point now, Louanna wants to get [the money] because she doesn’t want Nina to have it. Actually, Louanna told her father, ‘Give it all to UNCF (United Negro College Fund) if you want to, but ‘don’t let her have it, Daddy, because of what she’s done to you.”

The source says Rawls heard the tape of Nina’s phone message to Louanna, “and that’s when he went, ‘Whoa, wait a minute’ and he wanted out and he realized he’d been chumped [by Nina].”

Three days before Rawls died, Nina brought several lawyers to his hospital room “and had him sign papers retracting everything,” the source says, “but he wasn’t in his right mind. He wasn’t competent to do that. He was under duress.”

Nina Inman met Rawls about five years ago when she was a Continental Airlines flight attendant. In 2003, Rawls was arrested and released on a domestic violence charge. The charges were eventually dropped. They married on New Year’s Day in 2004, right after Rawls was diagnosed with cancer. He filed to get the marriage annulled in 2005. 

Asked why Nina seemed to have such a hold on Rawls, our source said: “She was a 33-year-old gal, he was a 68-year-old man with cancer. You just don’t know what emotionally a man at his age, who may have had issues that none of us ever really realized, was looking for. She could’ve had something on him maybe from when the domestic violence thing happened, a threat maybe that if he didn’t marry her that he was gonna wind up in bad shape. She was like an addiction worse than the most awful cocaine habit.”


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