something to ponder while going broke in the local mall

White boy

I am white-chocolate

Born into this world

Void of color

Void of texture or

Flavoring of any kind

In my blood runs emulsifiers

They allow me to mimic

The flesh and perfume

Slithering beyond my matrix

This display world


I chameleonize myself

With ribbons,

Feathers and

Electric rainbows

To sell my soul

For an over inflated

Ω reduced

Special today only

Buy one ñ get-one-free

As if there

Were any more

Than my one

Broken heart

That was stolen

And regurgitated in my face

By an angry lover

And I can assure you

Itsí priceless!

With my new colors, ribbons and flavors

Beyond every one

Of your

New and improved

Cookie cutter

Societal expectations

I am brighter

I am prettier

I am EVERYTHING you said I would be

I am a white canvas

Waiting for your interpretation

I am clean

Sinister and mysterious

I have no history

Nor any past

I am exotic vanilla

Taste just like chicken

A blank canvas

I am


For your

Immaculate conception

To spew


MY entire body

I am


For you

To define ME

To package me

Into something you can sell

Something with

Bright light

Lazy sexy ribbons

In my hair


Oh so

Good to the last drop delicious

I am white wine

Youthful and crisp

A new sound and

A bouquet of blended fruit

Just answer me this

What shade of white

Do you

Want me today

Posted by bbeard on 12/14 at 11:37 AM in Blogging

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