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Highly creative people appear to share more personality traits with the mentally ill than they do with their healthy peers, study findings suggest.

Presenting her findings at the 155th annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia, Connie Strong, commented: ‘Both bipolar disorder and creativity probably are genetically driven, and may be related to the same set of genetic predispositions.’

For the study, Strong measured creativity and personality traits in 48 patients with bipolar disorder, 25 patients with depression, 32 graduate students pursuing creative disciplines, and 47 people pursuing a relatively uncreative path.

They found that both creative students and bipolar patients shared several personality traits. These included being more open, and more neurotic and moody compared with the other participants.

Strong explained that people with neuroticism tend to have more anxiety, lower self-esteem, and lower tolerance for stress than other individuals, while openness is a trait associated with a willingness to embrace new experiences, as well as being imaginative, curious, and unconventional.

Furthermore, she said that people with bipolar disorder may show creative tendencies because their condition can affect the way they view the world, with the same surroundings appearing differently to them depending on whether they are feeling manic or depressed.

Because similar traits were found in the creative and bipolar samples, Strong suggests that there is a similar genetic predisposition.

‘It makes sense that they are two potential outcomes of a shared predispositions,’ she reported.

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