Somebody please explain to me why …

The president and the wealthy aristocracy continues to feel that they are doing good by rewarding oil companies for continuing to efficiently promote the depletion of our fossil fuels.

Why does Washington think that it was a good idea to pass billions of dollars of tax breaks for oil companies?  The oil companies have had record profits these past few years.  They don’t need tax breaks.  There we go again, giving the rich tax breaks!  They should be paying higher taxes to pay for this stupid bogus war in Iraq!

If any industry should have gotten the lion’s share of those tax breaks, it should have gone to companies trying to EXTEND our dwindling fossil resources.  We need to provide tax breaks and incentives to companies that develop cost efficient renewable, alternative energy sources.

It really doesn’t surprise me that Bush and his Lone Star state, war mongering, oil tycoons would support this legislation.

It just doesn’t make sense to ENCOURAGE faster and earlier depletion of our most important fuel sources.  It would make more sense to encourage conservation than exploitation.

I need some help understanding this.  I’m sure I’ve missed something along the way.  Can somebody please explain it to me?  Don’t even get me started on the daylight saving time extension of four weeks that was written in as a rider on the bill!  I hate Daylight Saving Time!!  Just get your ass up a little earlier!!

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