so, what the f@ck?!

ok i can sort-of rationalize the slaughter of the american in responce to the discovered war humiliations taken place within the Iraqie prison by american soldiers, but something makes me step back and ask so what the f@ck?  its war ok?.... i mean what the f@ck do you expect? tickeling with a feather, whores, harems, ice creams, and PS-2’s?  I mean do you really expect the american woman gi’s to suck your toes and wash your feet?

Now with the second slaughter and more promised - i am begeing to think its really time we “get down to business “ and stop playing footsiee; after all thats where we lost our ass in viet naam.  take the country anyone who doesnt like it can get th “F” out… oh and dont get me started about the bullshit iran is pulling now with the 8 british hostages…

ive got a few econimical suggestions....

1st pull all of our troops and decention and mayhem fill the streets of iraq…
2nd paint the words “terrorist eliminator” on about a dozen fat boys show it off to the world give the bastards 24 hours to lay down their weapons and surrender
3rd perform several warning fly-bye’s with smart missles - that’’ get ‘em out in the streets cursing us!

Next - drop the first fat boy directly on bagdad

next issue the surrender demand again....

next drop the next fatboy on another city and so on and so on

an if anybody wants to point thier f@cking nose into our buisness we say to them “ you know that we have extra bombs and you cant even detect our bomberes on radar so what the f@ck do you wanna do?

this pile of diahria brought to you by the f@cked up folks in Kalee

Posted by bbeard on 06/22 at 03:40 PM in Blogging

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