So, according to the victim, Michael didn’t do anything.

This is typical, right?

The boy who says Michael Jackson molested him acknowledged under cross-examination Monday that he told an administrator at his school that the pop star didnt do anything to me.

The teenager was asked about conversations he had with Jeffrey Alpert, the dean at John Burroughs Middle School in Los Angeles, where the boy had a history of acting up in class.

I told Dean Alpert he didnt do anything to me, the boy said under questioning by Jackson attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. I told him twice.

Prosecutors allege Jackson, 46, plied the boy with alcohol and molested him at his Neverland Ranch in 2003.

The pop star, who was threatened with arrest when he failed to show up in court on time Thursday, arrived on schedule Monday. Unlike last time, when a disheveled Jackson finally arrived in a coat, T-shirt and pajama bottoms, he wore a smart red jacket with a black armband and black slacks. His parents escorted him inside. 

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