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Screensaver to tie up spammers’ sites.

For those of you that still use screensavers, try this out.
Screensaver to tie up spammers’ sites

Internet users fed up with spam can go on the offensive by downloading a screensaver aimed at hitting junkmailers in the pocket.

The screensaver, called Make Love Not Spam and launched by search engine Lycos, requests data from websites that are mentioned in bulk mailings.

Lycos Europe spokesman Frank Legerland says if thousands of users sign up, the websites’ servers will run at nearly full tilt.

The demand will slow the websites’ response and hike their bandwidth bills, yet derive no income for the accesses.

He says those costs may discourage the sites from hiring email spammers to advertise their wares.

“The aim is for a maximum reduction of 95 per cent in the website’s traffic, not a total shutdown,” Mr Legerland said.

The websites have been chosen from spammers’ blacklists selected by anti-spam watchdogs such as Spamcop.

To make doubly sure there is no mistake, Lycos says it also checks to make sure that the sites are selling spam goods.

A complete shutdown of websites by swamping them with demand - a “distributed denial of service” - could be considered illegal in some jurisdictions.

Some Internet commentators have questioned the Lycos scheme, worrying that it will generate additional megabytes of useless traffic that could strain the Internet’s capacity.

Posted by SPN on 11/30 at 05:29 PM in Blogging

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