Articles like this make me so ANGRY!!!!!!  Just because these mothers can’t say NO to thier precious little brats they have the NERVE to try and put the blame on everyone but themselves. THEY want to protest???  What about the poor dogs that have been scarred by thier selfishness?  The dogs would not be “unweildly hounds” if they had been given the proper time, attention and TRAINING. Training being the opperative word here......sheesh.....  Good for Warner Bros!!!!! (P.S. here in the states MAGDRL set up tables outside theatres and had trailers and disclaimers about dane ownership)

Dog homes for stray dogs, like Les Battersby’s famous dogs’ home “Battersby’s Dogs’ Home” are being eaten out of house and home by the high number of tall dogs that have been found wandering about our nation’s streets.

Sales of the great big Scandinavian-themed mutt, the Great Dane, have soared in the UK since the release of the Scooby-Doo movie last month. But Warner Brothers, the makers of the “film”, have been dogged by complaints from angry merchandise-mad mothers whose newly-bought Great Danes have turned out to have no kind of spooky mystery-solving skills at all.

“Scooby-Doo?” asked one of the well-meaning mothers. “More like Scooby-DON’T!” she said to rapturous applause on TV’s Kilroy.


Told by Warners to “**** off” and “grow up”, the pesky parents have now had to cast the way too big dogs out on their elevated arses as the only way to silence the braying of their disappointed, square-eyed, mobile-phone customising brats - leaving the streets cluttered with unwanted and unwieldly hounds.

The angry mothers and Les Battersby now plan to convene a protest meeting next month, but despite caterers laying on free “Scooby Snacks” including sausages, lemonade and chocolate bananas, as do’s go, it’s expected to be a little scrappy.


Scooby Doo is only the second greatest Great Dane in the world, after Dane Bowers

Great Danes are regularly celebrated in song with the pantomime classic “There is nothing like a Dane”

Great Danes come in five great colours: Fawn, Brindle, Harlequin, Dog and Aqua Marine

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