I was talking to a taxi driver this morning
and asked him if there was a national strike - for
sure - tomorrow, Wednesday.  He said yes...what’s it
about? Well, the country is protesting the inaction of
President Toledo to follow thru on his campaign
promises - now almost 5 years old.  I told him that I
felt the strike should last a week, or two
that way, it would REALLY speak for all the people who
have no voice in this country.  The taxi driver agreed
but also said that one day’s government revenue would
be lost - that would be a lot of money....Hmmmm...not
enough is what I think.

There are so many protests here, demonstrations, yet,
the problems continue, unabated.  Peru is so rich - in
natural resources, in the beauty and strength of its
people, in the mysterious glory of the Gods who still
live in the high peaks.  So what is the problem?  Of
course, it is the same problem as in the USA and other
countries which rely on lies to sustain the illusion
of “we’re in control, we’ve got a handle on it” -
blah, blah, blah.

For all the readers of this ...

short note - here is a
book which I would recommend to anybody who wants to
read a book which just might change the way you look
at the world, at politics, at change.  A LANGUAGE
OLDER THAN WORDS by Derrick Jensen (2000, 2004).  It
is not easy reading, but Jensen makes so much sense,
and says the things that NEED to be said - a
worthwhile read, in my opinion.

Control, Denial - 2 key words in Jensen’s view of why
things are the way they are in the “First World”....I
agree.  But they work here too in Peru - it is HOW to
keep the poor poor - in that way they won’t know
REALLY how to rebel or won’t be able to organize, AND
then, demand more and more money from the poor - to
keep the government running smoothly, the police
happy, the officials paid off nicely.

Forgive me, of course I am generalizing and surely
there are honest, good and striving Peruvians who are
trying to make their country better.  There is a
movement among indigenous highlanders who still follow
the ancient knowledge - and this movement is growing.
That is where I put my hope - in the wisdom that is
present and living here - a wisdom which can make the
principles of denial and control a thing of the past.
May the Gods grant it.

Hope everybody is having a lovely summer! cuzco carmen

Posted by Carmen on 07/14 at 04:22 PM in International

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