Rufisque, Senegal 2006

I’ll start posting my photos from my trip to Sene’gal, West Africa now.  I initially wanted to post only 16 photos.  these would represent one photo from each of the rolls of film I shot in Senegal.  I’ve had to recalculate the number of photos, because I forgot to include the 500 or so shots I took with the digital camera.  I’ll post many more photos from the film camera because the digital photos lack the exposure latitude that film has.  Many of the digital photos of my friend’s faces are underexposed.  The film showed a much broader range.  Perhaps if I had taken a strobe I could have gotten some better shots, but I didn’t want to lug too much electronic stuff with me.

This is my friend’s sister-in-law.  This is the woman that took care of me everyday.  She made sure that I ate, that my clothes were cleaned and that the room was properly fumigated.  (The mosquitos were pretty bad for a few days.)

Rufisque Senegal

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